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Noob RP'er looking to RP in FF14


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Hey, I've always enjoyed RPing (With varying amounts of success), and when I found out that RP exists in FF14 I decided that I want to do that, RP I mean, I transferred to Balmung, because I heard that it's one of the unofficial RP servers, So I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me get started?






This is my character Kuro Turoko, he's a level 50 Item level 58 Summoner (yeah, i'm not very far into endgame), here is his character page: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kuro_Turoko

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Welcome to Balmung and the RPC! 


There are plenty of companies (and some linkshells!) that you can wander through to find a group of like minded individuals to play with. Most groups are very accepting of newer roleplayers so don't fret over it too much. If you're looking for some PvE/endgame play you can find a few of those around too. :)


If you're sticking around the city-states you're sure to run into RP and groups, just keep an eye out.


Find the companies in the Linkshells page (link at the top of this page) or if you're looking for individuals and are someone that enjoys learning through wikis there's a link up there also that will send you to player wikis that you can search through and learn about people in.... Though not every character has a wiki.



Good luck in your search! And if you see Daphine or Andralyn be sure to say hi! I need more Lalas in my life. 



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Thanks for the welcome!


I'll have a look-see to find something that fits me, and I'll look for some players in RP linkshells and FC's ingame, along with the linkshell page also.


Thanks for all your help, i'll be sure to keep a look out for you in-game as well!

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Welcome! Always glad to RP when possible, so if you see me IG don't by shy, feel free to approach or hit me up! In the mean time if you have any questions fire away, lots of good people here and help is easy to find.

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Ill help. Just PM me whenever youre in-game using the player finder feature to find me and ill explain the things you need to know.


Most stuff about RP IC and OOC as well as common RP etiquette can be found on the random sticky threads on the forum. They are very helpful and I would recommend going through them before attempting any IC RP.

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