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LF Possible love interest [F/F]

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Hello! I'm looking for someone that could fell the role of Chiyo's 'possible' girlfriend. I'm not really all that picky. It can be of any race, even a lalafell. My only real restrictions are: 


Pure evil characters: Anti-heroes might be fine, but Chiyo is (mostly) good-aliened.

Mary-sues: You know who you are.

Under-aged characters.

OOC conflicts and complications: Don't really want this beyond friendship or anything. I've had enough of that already! :(


Chiyo is a very tomboy-ish, urban miqo'te who's real good with her hands (in more ways than one, hahaha! :P). She can be clumsy and idiotic at times, but her heart is usually as the right place. I can live with or without ERP, but I'd rather not be it to be solely based on it. But anyway, I hope we can have fun together!

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Im not extremely inclined to RP romance due to other factors regarding how people usually react to it OOCly and ICly, but ill go ahead an just throw this out there just for you're benefit.


Inessa doesnt have any standing sexual preference's for either gender and she is Neutral Good aligned, though getting her attention will be difficult as she is more concerned with the general welfare and protection of others over herself or possible ships.   :P

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I wouldn't mind throwing Nyxh's proverbial hat in the ring so to speak. I haven't fully flushed out her character yet, so there's plenty of room to work. 


Nyxh is an early 20s Keeper of the moon who, while being an experienced Lancer and hunter in her family clan, has just begun to study alchemy in Ul'dah (so she's still new in town). She's more the strategic fighter, preferring to avoid fights if there is little/to no chance of victory. She's still a bit shy having spent the majority of her life within her isolated family clan.


PM me if you're interested or just have questions about Nyxh

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i would be very interested in giving this roleplay a try if you are interested.

Anshin is a mostly neutral aligned Mi'qote female with a tendency for being bad. but could through RP be taught to be good, it could lead to some amusing situations if she were to be scolded or teased by a girlfriend.

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