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Exploring Eorzea

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So, I was getting a little frustrated with lag and not having enough to craft anything, and not knowing how to sell things in the retainer. So I did something I usually like to do: I wandered. Not long, I just picked a direction and found a tunnel... and that tunnel lead to a canyon... which lead to Camp Bluefog. I saw the Spinel creepycrabs, leered at floating vultures (Jubjub birds are baack...), and got chased by adorable fluffy billygoats. Near Bluefog there was a cavern that I wandered into and screamed myself silly when I saw a fallen lancer mob. I didn't stay in there long and fortunately he didn't see me. :<


And that's when I figured "You know what? I'm out here... let's see how far I can go before something thinks I'm lunch." Currently I just zoned into an area called Mor Dhona and getting the willies. Before I take a few more steps and get eaten by a peiste or wild dog I wanted to write here a bit.


I love how the world is less like areas with monsters in it and more like ecosystems. You really get less of a sense that this is a terrible place to live and more of a sense that this is a world and people can acutally live here. That's an incredible accomplishment for a fictitious world that we can plunge into. Needless to say, I'm feeling a lot better.


Have you guys done anything like this? What did you see? ^^

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I haven't yet explored for the sake of exploring; but I did have several crafting leves that sent me to crazily out-of-the-way camps, and I enjoyed those runs (when I wasn't running for my life!) and I did get very much the same sense you did.


I love that there are 'pockets' of wildlife, while in other places, there isn't so much. And I love that it's not all "over here are the baby wildlife, and over here are the big badass wildlife". You get little 'uns mixed in with the bigger ones. That feels more natural. :)

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well as we are Exploring here is what i saw when i travelled to the north of Gridania, or rather to find a way to Ul'dath (yes found out it was to the south heh) but didn't know the way, so just headed that way,


when I got to the next zone and looked at the map, I saw the word Ishgard at the upper left corner and thought, ohh well why not go there so I did, making sure to avoid anything that looked the slightest more dangerous than the squirrels that ran about along the road,





(yes they look very alike the Marmots that can be found around Gridania)


After a long run i came upon a Big Stone Bridge





after I passed it I saw some stone houses in the hill sides





and after another very long run I finally got to the Gate of Ishgard





and here is a Picture of Ishgard from afar, yes that gate from before was closed





looked at the map again and saw to the north west a keep of some sort and this is what i found there, it's completely empty.





here is some pics of the animals i meet along the way, especially like the black Ewe heh








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