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New to Gilgamesh *Panics*


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Title says it all! I have been trying for the past 3 days to get into Balmung (and even Gilgamesh) But the servers never opened. I got up extra early today and attempted to test my luck. After only about 10 mins of spamming that horrid refresh button I made it onto Gilgamesh! *Dances* I am looking forward to getting to some RP here, I played in 1.0 and even when the game 1st launched after the reboot I came back for a bit. I did not stay long unfortunately because noone I knew played and I picked a non-Rp(type) server so I got bored fast! xD I've dabbled in WoW RP (Currently still there...."Shun the WoW player hisss hiss") but I honestly would rather be here. Home was in FFXI for me for many years and the friends and experiences I had gathered in those years were amazing. I am hoping to get the same experience here and leave WoW behind me. I am starting as a LNC with hopes of going WAR. Figured LNC was the best choice to start out and learn the game all over. My name is Nimiri Highwind (Going for a pirate type RP story with her) Would love some insight on the different people/linkshells/GCs around that welcome new players. 


Really looking forward to calling Eorzea my home and meeting you all! (Sorry for long post!)

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Hahaha, no shunning for WoW from me. Nothing wrong with finding a game and community you like -- I had some great times in WoW before it was finally time for me to move on. Here are Gilgamesh Linkshells; the Gilgamesh folks tend to not be as active on the RPC as the Balmung folks, so I would recommend paging through and finding people to talk to in game (or pm Zoetrooper, I've seen him posting in stuff and so know he's active (or she >>) ). I've heard that it pays to be active in talking to people to find the rp on Gilgamesh; it's less open-world than Balmung is. Still, persistence and proactive effort is key to getting involved in any community, so I wish you the best! Happy writing, and welcome to the RPC. :D


(also pirates are win)

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After a solid 2 full days of attempting RP on Gilgamesh (Including walks ups/Shouts) I fell flat on my face and was rather upset. I made it on Balmung last night and from the moment I finished the starting "solo" events I was slammed with RP all around me and I loved every single second of it. For a brief moment I had almost retreated and gone back to wow. Blumung thankfully changed that for me. I appreciate the info on Gligamesh but I don't think I will need it anymore.


Looking forward to the RP adventures I will have with everyone! Maybe even a few of you here! I'll work on getting my character info up on the wiki and work on everything else I need to do!

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