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Short-time lurker of these forums, first-time poster


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So, after registering on these forums and lurking for a few days, I've finally bucked up the courage to say hello. So, hello!

Erm... lessee, where can I start? Well, I've been playing MMOs for quite some time, although WoW got most of my playtime (I'm no longer playing it at the moment because, y'know, end of expansion woes). Guild Wars 2 is another one that stood out to me, having clocked in quite a bit.


But I've never actually done any Roleplaying on any MMO I've played, I've usually just played the game and did the dailies, fought the boss monsters, got the loot, and logged off for the day, however, I've always been fascinated by those who do RP in MMOs, I've always wondered what it would be like to be like them...


This, however, doesn't imply my lack of Roleplaying experience! I actually have a good four to five years, at the time of writing, under my belt on a website whose name I cannot recall for the time being. So, I'm not exactly new to the world of roleplay, but I am new to roleplaying in MMOs! It's... different.


Um... so, yeah. You can catch me on Balmung, I'm the shy Miqo'te aptly named 'William Harrowton', yes, not exactly a Miqo'te name befitting of a male from the Keepers of the Moon, so I've had an alternate/'true' name in mind for him just in case.


Either way, you'll see me around, doing the standard stuff in MMOs and perhaps doing a bit of RP, whether it be in a city or out in the world. Oh, and studying the lore carefully as I go, still feeling about as I get my 'sealegs'.


Looking forward to meet some friendly faces out here.

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Guest Ragnar

Hey there and welcome! This is the first MMO I've RPed in and it turned out to be a great decision, I've loved it.


I wouldn't worry about the name, there are a lot on names out there that do not fit naming conventions. It's not too difficult to come up with reasons for why someone might have been named differently.


Anyway, welcome again. If you see either of my characters about, feel free to say hi, I'm always open to meeting new people. :)

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Hello there, welcome to the RPC, I'm glad you've slipped out of lurkdom! :D I also made the transition a couple years of ago of going from forum RP to RPing in MMO's. It's good to have you here on Balmung! I'm always happy to chat or role-play, so feel free to approach or send a /tell if you see me around in game.

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