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Hi Everybody! Im a Seeker of the sun black mage in training!

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Hi my name is Seedna, but if you know me im usually called Nyaana. I come from a large family all sisters in fact! But unlike them I was born with one purple eye. the elders say that's where my gift came from. Honestly I wouldn't call it a gift but i always had a habit of setting fire to things without any candles even as a baby. so unlike my sisters who all became very capable hunters I was shipped off to ul'dah to study and learn to control this gift that The Warden game me. I still set things on fire pretty often, but now its for a good reason and on purpose! I am just thankful that the sun blessed me with his fire so that i may go out and earn my way in this world.


I just want to thank everyone for allowing me to say hi and i look forward to playing with you!



Seedna Nyaanta


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Hi there, and welcome to the RPC! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. People around here are pretty friendly, and generally always enthusiastic to help someone in need.


May your rp be fruitful!

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