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Hello! i'm Semi new to Rp

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I'm not new to ff14 I've been playing for a bit when it came out and i met a group of rpers which was a new thing to me and i found it incredibly fun and made the game way more enjoyable, although so things happen and the group disbanded and i stopped playing for a while. I never really got to much practice in as a rper but I'm hoping to find a linkshell in the Balmung sever that's newbie friendly and maybe find a mentor if possible.

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Welcome to the RPC/Balmung!


I'm not positive the actual first post of the mentor thread is still updated, but people still post in it occasionally and I think anyone on there would still be willing to give you a hand. Feel free to shoot me a /tell or approach Elsa in game as well!

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Hello there, welcome to the RPC, it's good to have you here! :D It's always good to see new people deciding to delve into role-play. I'd be happy to help show you the ropes and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to approach me in-game and send a tell if you need anything.

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