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Writing encounter! Alt-worlds of sorts.

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...mostly because none of us follow a set term for these things, and Challenge and Prompt were taken.


The challenge! Borrow some characters and write a short story/blurb/paragraph about Eorzea, but borrow a different genre.


Turn up the nobs and go full-on Steampunk. Airships and steam-powered armor for everyone!


Dial it back and go full dark ages! Low magic, low tech. A brutal world of savagery and... savage brutality.


Perhaps modern-day society? Cars and guns are predominant, the world is at a stable place of moderate peace.


The one I intend on jumping on (and feel free to use it, too, it came up in open conversation) is to go full-on Noir style. Black and white, dangerous dames and double-crosses. I've got some folks in mind who I want to feature.



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