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Yoyolo Yolo: Moogle Seeing, Fortune Telling Lalafell At Your Service!

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Name: Yoyolo Yolo



Race: Lalafell



Class: Thaumaturge



Age: 19 Years



Height/Weight: Approximately 3 Ft. / A lady never tells her weight, but Yoyolo is on the rather portly side of things.



Appearance: Measuring in at an astounding height of 3 feet tall, Yoyolo never lets her height get the best of her.  She is rather round around her tummy, as she has a slight adoration of good food.  Yoyolo’s cotton candy pink hair can be found pulled up in two knots on the top of her head, creating the illusion that she is an inch or so taller than she really is. And when you’re only 3 feet tall, every inch counts! She has luminous green eyes that are framed by long, dark eyelashes. Her cheeks are usually colored a hearty, pink blush tone from her constant laughing, smiling, and general happiness. Yoyolo can normally be found wearing light armor, along with a brightly colored scarf about her waist that had been passed down to her from her grandmother.  She carries a leather pouch at her side that holds random animal bones, feathers, and spirit crystals-- all of which she uses as props when telling fortunes, as she has no idea on how to actually read them. Yoyolo also has a very prominent lisp, but does not seem to notice it.



Personality: Yoyolo can normally always be found with a bright smile on her face.  She is ever the optimist in most any situation.  However, Yoyolo is also rather naive in her young years and can be taken advantage of quite easily it would seem.  She tends to be very curious in nature and may pose questions to others that may pose some discomfort for them upon answering, but Yoyolo is very persistent and will continue asking the same question until a satisfactory answer has been received.  Yoyolo is not shy and is very friendly towards other races, though she may seem puzzled by things such as general anatomy (example: tails).  She likes to touch people and may randomly play with someone’s hair (if she can manage to reach it), hold someone’s hand, or wrap herself around a taller person’s leg.  Some people might view Yoyolo as slightly odd as she claims that she can conversate with Moogles, which leads many to thinking that she is simply talking to herself.




Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, although she has never claimed to have a love interest at this point, regardless.



Living Family:

Great Grandmother- Yayapi Yapi

Grandmother- Zizisi Zisi

Grandfather- Lolongi Yoyongi

Mother- Zuzuyu Zuyu

Father-Chuchuzan Nanazan

Elder Sister- Yoyodo Yodo



Notable Relationships:

Khallendra- A Garlean who had saved Yoyolo, whom Yoyolo attaches herself to in hopes of returning a life-debt.



Childhood History: During Yoyolo’s childhood, she was surrounded by a family of renowned fortune tellers.  Her great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and even her elder sister all seemed to possess The Sight and all races from across the lands would seek out these women to have their fortunes told.  Yoyolo, however, does not seem to possess The Sight, but refuses to believe that she is not as skilled as the other women in her family.  Instead, Yoyolo uses her ability to hear and see Moogles, in order to create the fortunes that she tells. None of her fortunes thus far have come true, but that is more than likely caused by how far-fetched they truly are.  Yoyolo has had a fairly average childhood without any serious tragedy to speak of.  As she began to grow into her teen years, Yoyolo ventured further and further from where her family lived (they live all together, mind you), adventuring and seeking out whatever curiosities she could find in nearby lands.  



Adult History: Yoyolo Yolo has not had much adventure in terms of her adult life yet, as she is only 19 years of age.  However, the biggest adventure her life has seen, began one day when she left her family to go wandering in the desert, searching for oddities to add to her ever-growing collection.  As she was bending down to pick up something that had peaked her interest, she was caught unaware by her attacker, a giant sandworm, that looked rather eager to swallow Yoyolo whole.  It was at this time that Yoyolo’s savior, Khallendra, was riding by and saw the young lalafell running away as fast as her incredibly short legs could carry her...which wasn’t very fast, nor very far. Khallendra slayed the sandworm heroically and with ease and from that day forward, Yoyolo announced that she would stay by Khallendra’s side until she could repay her for the life she had saved.  



Currently: Yoyolo finds herself indebted to the Garlean, Khallendra, who saved her life, when Yoyolo could not save herself.  She owes a life-debt to Khallendra and is completely content to stay close to Khallendra’s side, in hopes of one day repaying what was once given to her. However, she finds that she is afraid that once she has repaid her life-debt she would have to move on alone...and she rather enjoys having someone around to protect her when she finds herself in trouble, which seems to be rather often. So for now, Yoyolo can always be found at the side of Khallendra or nearby, getting into some sort of mischief on her own. Yoyolo also spends time writing letters to her family almost daily, keeping them updated on her latest antics and to reassure them that she is still alive and well.







Strengths: What Yoyolo lacks in height, combat skills, and magical power, she makes up for with bravery, kindness, generosity, and loyalty.  



Weaknesses: Yoyolo finds that she is not very suitable for combat.  Not only is her magic lacking in skill because of her severe lack of practice, but she does not have any combat or tactical training whatsoever.



Inventory: Yoyolo’s inventory is rather small.  She has a brown, leather pouch that is strapped to her side.  She carries oddities such as spirit crystals, feathers, and fortune rocks in the pouch, along with the occasional oddity that she has picked up on one of her adventures alongside of Khallendra.  She keeps a small notepad, with a bit of charcoal, in her pouch so that she can write letters to her family every night. Other than that, Yoyolo’s inventory consists of a hand-me-down scarf that she ties about her waist and normally some sort of small weapon to boost her lacking magical powers.




Other Pertinent Notes: Yoyolo has one Moogle in particular that seems to seek her out quite frequently.  While he is rather adorable to most, he’s a thieving little rat...and a drunk.  This leads to many emptied booze bottles and mugs lying around, with no one to see how they became emptied in the first place.  Many a times a tavern-goer will reach for his mug of mulled cider, only to find that its already gone, much to his confusion and disappointment.  One might also consider that this drunken Moogle is the reason for Yoyolo’s such terrible fortune telling, as she depends on him to grant her the fortunes that she tells. [/align]



OOC Notes: Currently Yoyolo's player is looking to make connections in her small RP world. If you feel that you'd like to meet Yoyolo or simply if you run across her in Eorzea, feel free to acknowledge her! She's friendly, I promise!  Also note that this will at some point find its way into a Character Wiki. 

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Frejyalen and Yoyolo might be an interesting combination?


Frejyalen is considered a "Witch Queen" by her people and can see ghouls and voidsent.  She has been trained by her culture to ward them off and protect people from them, using talismans and the like.


Perhaps the two would find some common interests.  =]

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