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Hello! Just an Introduction of myself.


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Hello, all of RPC. Is that what this is named? Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition? Yes yes... But either way, Hello! I've always been searching for a new MMO to play, and I always looked at FF:XIV. It seemed like a great game but I never played it at the beginning due to wallet problems. But once someone told me there was roleplay in it, I suddenly jumped for joy and pulled out my pocket change. I've just bought the game recently and it is done installing, but I am currently waiting to get in on the main unofficial roleplay server, Balmung. With all the characters in there, I'm sure I'll have a bit of a wait to get in, but it isn't a problem! Now lets go down the list...


My MMO Experience consists of a lot of World of Warcraft back in my day. That is about it. Heck, I even did some roleplay over there. It was fun while my wallet lasted, but it was still fun! Sadly, the only other MMOs I played were MMOs that are rather free and dull in a sense to me, so I never really played any MMOs until today. Such is the fate of mine to sate my MMO hunger.


RP Experience? Well, it involved around 4 years of text-based roleplay on a text engine. It wasn't much, but oh boy did I have fun there. The setting I was placed in was rather... bizarre as well. Something about reality manipulation... Ah well! Either way, its been a long time since, and I'll add about the time I LARPed with my friends as a youngin. We had light-sabers, and one of the corners of the yard was the Forbidden Archives. My friend always went in there and we assumed he was reading stuff he wasn't allowed to read and treated him as a traitor. We then did a bunch of... err... fights with our toy sabers. It was fun back in the day.


As for any characters I have planned... Well, embarrassingly so, I don't have too much of an idea of the lore at the very moment, and hopefully I'll learn a lot more about it soon enough. But the gist of my character is actually just the name Rothen Sails. As you can tell from his last name, his main profession used to be of a Sailor, and something of a brawler in the side. He never did obtain the agility of other fist-fighting fanatics, but he might as well soon enough once he makes his adventures. Once I learn more of the lore in FF:XIV, I'll be able to delve deeper within my character's story, of course.


Oh, how I got here... The mystical portal of Google, of course!


A mix between Medium and Heavy roleplay is what I seek. To be honest, I do plan to play this seemingly great game, but I do also want to devote a good amount of time into roleplay. I'd feel embarrassed either way if I was dressed in starting gear to roleplay. I know, maybe the looks of my character isn't so, but I believe I have to look the part anyhow!


As for me, College will hit my sides soon, so maybe my inactivity will go down at one point. I play those things called video games a lot, as well as a tad bit of the Violin. It isn't a bad instrument, but one of my strings needs changing...


But I think that's about all I got. Thanks for reading my little introduction here though, I hope to meet everyone here soon enough through whatever means necessary!

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