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Well met, Adventurers!

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Hello, nice to meet you all! I must admit, I've been stalking this site for a long time now (that's not weird! not weird at all!) and finally decided to transfer from boring Lich to awesome Balmung yesterday. My first trip into the Quicksand was greeted with a catfight, some rich Lala walking about and juicy gossip and I thought to myself: "Yup, I want in." So... here I am! Woot!




MMORPG Background

This is only my second MMO. I spent many many many hours on Shin Megami Tensei but only because I love SMT/Persona. The game itself- ehhhh. I've been playing FFXIV on and off for the past six months and have reached end-game


RP Experience

Little to none. I dabbled in DnD when I was a kid and have also done some forum based RP's on certain games that get those inspirational juices going, but I never even knew in-game RP was a thing until recently and I can't wait to get stuck in! 


Character ideas/Info

So, here's the story: whilst levelling my archer, I couldn't help but notice Silvairre was rather obnoxious to Silvaire. 'Why? We're both Wildwood Elezen, what's his problem?' Idea's started popping into my head about my avatar as to why he's 'different' (and consequently, also made me realise that an MMORPG isn't just about reaching end-game and acquiring vanity items). Possibly he's culturally different, being raised by Mi'qote or Lala's? Nothing set in stone, I'm working on it, but that's the origin of Silvaire's origin. 


How did I learn about the coalition?

Found this site when reading about Macro's and thought it was a supercool place


What kind of roleplayer am I aiming to be?

Medium, methinks. I still want to enjoy playing the game and exploring all its content. I'm far from finished with my goals when it comes to that. However I want to RP as much as possible because I love the world and it's lore so much.


Real life stuff

I have a job with horrible hours. 8am-10pm shifts are pretty common, so yeah- sometimes I can't even get on for a couple of hours because I literally wake up to work and fall right to sleep again once I'm done.

I'm also a brit, which means I'll most probably be on in the morning/afternoon in american time, although with planning I can be on later. 

I also can't sacrifice my love for all videogames. If something huge comes out, I'll probably be off for a few days playing that too!



Hope that's enough info! Thank you for reading :D

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Welcome to Balmung!


As for Silvaire the NPC, he's a jerk to everyone, don't take it personally.  Elezen in general are prideful and stuck up, and a lot of them will thumb their noses at their own race/clan without batting an eyelash.  In the NPC's case, it's just a superiority complex and bitterness.


But anyway... good.  Another Elezen! Can't go wrong with that.

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