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The Aurora


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Many in Eorzea have been feeling the threat and movement of change. In particular, the Miqo'te. After the Calamity many families fell apart due to the destruction, tribes reduced to cinders of what they once were. Many tribes exposed to this new world after many years of seclusion within their own corner of Eorzea and only be exposed to the passing traveler or other tribe. Some have left their tribes in search of ways to make their's better and to take them out of what has become of it. Others have seen that the way things work outside of tribes are something more to be striven for. But there is one thing that is common among all Miqo'te. That there is a lacking sense of family and home when you are without the others who know life as you do. When you are raised together to protect each other and take care of each other. That is where the Aurora come in.



T'shina Vashka, originally of the Condor Tribe of Seekers, has seen this. There are many who did not find their place within their previous tribes because of their exposure to this new world. In her eyes she has seen people parade as Nunhs and try and force other female Miqo'te as their mates and they have no one to protect them. She's seen males of the Keepers be treated as slaves when that is a misconception! She valued her own tribal upbringing but even she knew there had to be changes. So she took time and developed a way that was familiar to Miqo'te with celebrations and structure of a traditional tribe but with the freedoms that should be given to you in this world. An so, the Aurora was founded.



The Aurora is a tribe based off of mixed traditions in the evolving world of Eorzea and the need to move with the times as well as preserving old traditions that give the Miqo'te their culture. Keeping to the traditional value of having a tribe to build community and give safety to the members of the tribe and to give a sense of comfort. Mixing both Seeker and Keeper traditions of having ceremonies, gathering and having a sense of order to further create a growing atmosphere for the future of Miqo'te and their life connected with the city but remembering and continuing to celebrate their roots as more tribal beings. In the Aurora there are no Matriarchs or Nunhs. There is no superiority of females as there are in Keepers and there are no exclusive breeding rights as there are in Seekers. Everyone is equal and all have a right to choose.



As a whole, we extend this invitation to all Miqo'te who wish to be part of this. Come be a part of our family.





This is a Linkshell only!



Please message T'shina Vashka if you are interested so we can arrange a meeting. If you wonder how your character would know about this tribe T'shina is not against speaking about it and it could be a rumor you just heard!



For a house, I will using my own personal house for the linkshell when I can gather the funds.

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