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Connections and Connections

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Hello all, it's been a while that I've been absent from this game. So I've met only few people who already know Anelia's identity is currently Marila Averlyn as an alias. Should you somehow recognize her, is by ripping her goggles out. Unless you are one of those individuals that she identified herself to.


Eventually, Anelia will be coming back. But I'd like to prepare to make connections with this Sultansworn Lawful-Good based paladin. Despite her being Sultansworn, she will be going around Eorzea doing special task of missions, and be involved in other affairs. 


Now, the rumors say that there will be dice rolls. Should it not have any, I'd like to use other methods. Anyone who is not particularly evil or criminal can be her friend. If you already know her, you can join her adventures for the future!


The only thing about Anelia is that she was washed up from La Noscea and she was severely injured. What the reason was that it was all a set up by Monetarists to have her encounter Sahagins by herself when it was all a trap. (This was during the period I was OOCly hiatus). After she recovered, she came back as Marila Averlyn as an alias to monitor Ul'dah.


More updates to follow. But she does require some connections! So be sure to let me know if you are interested :)

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