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[LF RP] - Averill's first story

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I've had some brilliant encounters thanks to the people who responded to my first request, and I look forward to developing those stories. However, after finally dusting off the last elements of his history, I'd like to request something specific.


Averill's life on the road started when he fled from Limsa Lominsa, away from his father and the expectations he'd lived under all his life. However, the life of a wanderer is not without its strange encounters, and I'd like for him to encounter a Lominsan who has met Averill's father after his departure - someone who recognises the description and confronts him.


If anyone would be interested in this, please drop me a line! I'd be happy to return the favour in terms of a character-focussed arc.


In terms of time-zones, I'm GMT with semi-flexible hours. If you want more information on Averill's history, look no further than his wiki page.

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