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Hello my name is Ashiirra!  I'm an rp'r on Balmung.  I've been around for around 6 months now and this is the first game I've really gotten into RP on.


I have 3 main characters that I RP with.


Ashiirra Azaria is my main toon.  Shes a keeper miqo'te who lives in the shroud.


Liriel Kaza is my second alt.  She is an Elezen who runs a tavern in the lavender beds. 


Mititiki Miti is my last alt.  She is a street rat lolafell from Ul'dah.


Me and my company have set up our company housing as inn.  We try to have events every now and then.  its ward 6 plot 16 if anybody is interested.


Anywho if anybody wants to be friends look me up.  My character generally keeps to herself but will chat if spoken to first.

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