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*The following events take place after Bulletin Board posts #217 and #218 respectively.*


The docks weren't quite as crowded after dark, and the moon had gone behind clouds, providing Melodia with enough cover. Clad in her black tunic and gray pants, the ash mask in place, it would be hard to place who she was even if she had been seen. Glancing to her right and left she saw it was clear. Her contact had told her that Kink would be along this way as it was typical haunt of hers.


She waited and crouched. She was no Yellowjacket tonight. She was the woman Taurin had trained so well over the years. She was someone that Kink might recognize, at least in her present state.


Taking in a deep breath that showed no fear, no shudder, she calmly watched and listened, her ears twitching with each sound, each voice. In her hand she clutched a small heavy pipe. She had to focus....to control her anger, because this would be the most difficult part of the operation. After this....she could relax.


Her fingers drummed along the small pipe and she clacked her teeth waiting for her prey.

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