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Summer Festival & Fighting Tournament [Sept 6, 2014]

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From every corner of Eorzea they have embraced the disciplines of war from the seasoned marauder to the ambitious puglist come see the best of the best.  Who will be the hero and who shall be the first to yield—come join us in this Tournament of Champions! 


Twelve combatants have competed for the honor to fight for your entertainment as you feast upon exquisite delicacies from our skybox lounge overlooking the tournament grounds.  Fancy a bit of sport yourself?  Side bets and games will be provided between matches.


Yet this will not be your average bought of bloody combat!  Our fighters will be put to the test in an array of situations to challenge even the most seasoned combatant.  Two men of average skill can pick up a sword and swing it... but how will the seasoned professions entertain when they are stripped to their namesday suit and pelted with tomatoes?  Join us to find out!


On the sixth sun of the fifth astral moon the festivals shall commence at daybreak at the Hidden Falls in La Noscea and go well into the night.




When: September 6th

When: 2PM EST – When it is over, suspected to last several hours (even if you’re late).

Where: Hidden Falls, Upper La Noscea (North of Costa Del Sol)


It is a closed tournament with pre-selected fighters.  The fighters are chosen from a series of mini events leading up to the main event for tryouts.  You must be committed to showing up to the actual event in order to compete though you do not need to be available for the entire duration.  If you are interested in being part of the tournament or as the support (waiters, entertainment, etc) please contact Evaleigh De’loncre in game.


This is a spectacle tournament (think Pro Wrestling).  It will be full of gimmicks and upsets to make it amusing to watch.  While a winner may be "announced" it's more for the show than the victory.


Signups --> http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=8061



Event Coordinator: Evaleigh De’loncre

Healers:  [Now hiring]

Master of Ceremonies: [Now Hiring]

Entertainment: [Now Hiring musicians and dancers]

Fighters: [TBA]



Tournament Tryouts

Do you fight for honor, for glory, for the coin?  Now you can compete for all three in a glorious tournament of arms.  Twelve of the most elite combatants will be selected to compete before a gathering of nations in the grandest tournament ever seen before but to become one of those elite twelve you must first survive the rigorous trials of combat.  Tryouts will be conducted to test the merit of your ability and should you succeed—why only profit and fame awaits you.


All twelve of the selected fighters will receive a prize purse for competing in the tournament with bonus purses awarded for certain merits.


Tournament Tryouts will commence on the following days/times.  

Location: Fesca’s Wash outside of Ul’dah, Steps of Nald. (21,25 Central Thanalan)

Wed. Aug 27 7PM EST

Sat. Aug 30 2PM EST

Sun. Aug 31 5PM EST

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Q. Why do I have to try out?


A. This is a spectator event demonstrating fighters.  While it is being advertised as a tournament of champions in truth it is closer to WWE.  There will be gimmicked fighting events and a lot of boasting between characters prior to the actual match.  To save a lot of headache, most of the fine details are being hashed out at the mini-events leading up to the main event.



Q. Trials by Combat--What do you mean?

No magic or alchemy is allowed.  Only pure physical fighting.  In addition there will be several trials the fighters may be subjected to which includes but is not limited to


-- Unarmed combat (taking their weapons away)

-- Player vs Machine (special fighting mammets are being created)

-- Escalating combat (if the fight isn't going fast enough additional elements will be added such as allowing the spectators to throw vegetables at the fighters)


Q. How is the victor being decided?


A. The following categories for the tournament have been decided


- Best Heavy Fighter (Plate, armor wearers)

- Best Lightweight Fighter (Leather etc)

- Fan Favorite (Audience selected)

- Best Showmanship (i.e. best smack talker)

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