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(Please assist)! Mapping out chocobo dye

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Hey guys,


There's a bunch of info floating around so I decided to map out the colours achieved per fruit and step by step.


Basically: feed 1 type of fruit only until you receive the 'beginning to grow new feathers!' message. Then check the colour after 6 hours and report in.


I hope you roleplayers will help me out! Click Here!

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Do you know how many 'beginning to grow new feathers!' messages you got? Also, combination feedings seem to be nothing but a way to waste your fruits. Then again, you can grow a ton of them lol


5 Plums got me the first "growing feathers," and then when I fed the extra Plum I believe got another "growing feathers" message.


6 Pineapples got to the second "growing feathers."


The last feeding was 6 more Plums, 6 more Pineapples, and 6 Valfruits.


El Curago, who is in my free company, is currently doing controlled experiments on various FC members' chocobos with single feedings (i.e. one type of fruit up to the "growing feathers" message).

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So it was...


Desert Yellow -> Doman Plums -> feather proc -> result Lime Green


Lime Green -> Cieldelas Pinepapple -> feather proc -> Cream Yellow




Also, please send your FC mate my way. I would love to have their data input for the spreadsheet. Or maybey they can confirm the data already in there. That would be awesome!

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