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LF Scholar for Coil


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Hello everyone!


XI:7's Coil Static has an empty spot that we need to fill. We are looking for a Scholar. If you haven't run Coil before, it isn't a problem. We have helped people level up and get geared to be Coil ready, its not a big deal.


We run on Saturday nights at 6 PST. The use of Teamspeak is required, but you don't have to have a mic or talk. We just need to be able to panic scream at you when mechanics are out to get us.


Being RPers, we're not super concerned about burning turns super fast. We'll get them when we get them. However, we do ask for a level of commitment to learn your class, gear your class, and show up to raids. Life happens, obviously, so no one's expecting perfect attendance, but we do require communication for nights you can't make it.


If you're interested or have questions, just let me know. You can reply here, send me a message, or catch me in game on Garryson Shipkeeper.

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The first turns of Coil don't have a lock out, and drop mostly outdated equipment. (Still good to get under various circumstances, obviously) I'm not sure why someone would set up a weekly Static for old raids, so I'll make it obvious: We're looking to raid the current content.


As new content comes out, we'll be tackling that. Not going to be first on the server to down anything, but we hope to hold onto people for a long time so we can smash our faces against shinier fights as they come out.

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