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Getting back into the swing of things

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I think I mentioned somewhere that I enjoy drawing ect. I haven't yet posted any of my artwork so I figured I would. Plus I'm a little obligated since I doodled up some things for Renaise and Daishi while the maintenance was going on yesterday.


Most of the stuff I have to show is WoW-related since that's what I was doing back when I was trying to learn painter. I didn't get any commissions but these are all sample-portraits I made from my guild-mates on my raiding server.





My guildmaster, Night Elf Druid






Our tank






One of our Shamans, I think this one is my favorite.






Headshot of my Undead Shadow Priest. She was my first toon ever :3




That's all I got right now.

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I worked on both of yours at the same time. I start in Photoshop and get some basic shading and stuff done and then I do all the hard work in painter, and painter is, well, I guess my process of using painter, is rather quick and sloppy but it turns out fine for me lol. I finished it a bit this morning, I went to sleep about an hour or so after the server got back up.

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Uhg, had to take a break from Daishi's doodle. His facial structure is making me mad :( Can't get it looking right for me.. I suck at drawing men.


Soooo instead I decided to finish up this, which I've had laying around for quite some time. I scribbled it up back when I was still waiting to get into Besaid. It's my Elvaan back from the FFXI days. Originally I had this picture and a side shot of her that was waist-up, but after finishing this half of the original sketch I decided to just leave it at this.

(it's rather large because I didn't want to shrink it anymore, it was losing quality)



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Haven't posted anything in a while so here's a bit of an update of what I've done the past few months.





Onion and Garlic




















Also I'm currently accepting commissions, so if anyone is interested send me a message.

I'm super cheap and negotiable.

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