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LF Limsan (or elsewhere) connections

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With Autriche making progress, and Jilan (slowly) trucking along as well, I figure it's time to add Mathye to the mix. While I've yet to get a wiki page up for him (because I'm a huuuuuge procrastinator), I can give a quick rundown of the basics.


Mathye Larkin is the son of a minor Eorzean (or Garlean - up in the air, either could work, really) noble who - being fourth born and youngest - never received much in the way of attention from his family. The fact that he was never physically strong and prone to illness didn't help things, especially when it came to his father's approval. He spent his youth on his own, for the most part. Books were his family, and through them he learned other strengths. Unfortunately, an accident with a spell resulted in the death of a relative and left him near dead. He did manage to recover, however, thanks to the help of his second oldest sister. The pair formed a kinship after that, but the rest of his siblings turned their backs on him. 


It was not long after that that he and his sister left home. Stowing away on a ship bound for Limsa Lominsa, the pair were discovered and the captain, instead of sending them home or stranding them somewhere, allowed them to stay and work for their passage. Mathye and his sister decided to join up fully with the crew for a while, and did so for a few years. Life with pirates teaches one some bad habits, however, and Mathye has picked up a few. He's grown more than a little mistrustful of others, and developed quite the liking for rum. 


Recently, he has decided to retire from life on the sea for a while, and has settled in Limsa to resume his studies of arcanum, a skill that fell to the wayside during his years abroad. 


Hopefully things go well for him. :D

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