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High Fantasy Rockabilly Pugilist seeks questionable affiliate

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Hi! This is my first thread on here I think and I thought I'd start off by saying the FFRR community has been very kind and open to me. I've met really nice people who have helped me out with my starting characters. I tried FF out on Gilgamesh a while back and now I'm on Balmung with a character named Junior Junior (fakest name in history of fake names.)


The character appearance is heavily inspired by Rockabilly culture and I'm doing what I can to make him look like such with FF's current resources (I'm low level right now that don't help.)



*Not a shady guy at all


The character's background is generically shady but I have a vague idea of what it is. It will mostly be filling in the holes as I play through the game and meet people. He acts doofy, unintelligent, and ignorant and prefers to play it safe as your common every-day lackey instead of trying to gain any power for himself. Generally willing to do most things but has a good sense of when he might be in over his head.


My request is I'm looking for like-minded, shady, questionable groups or individuals who take part in crime (organized or otherwise) who are looking to hire on additional help. He is a pugilist IG who has a passion for Chocobo racing and machines. I've already signed onto a non RP FC but I'd love to get involved in other people's plots shenanigans. Hit me up on a message IG under Junior Junior or a message here if you're interested in RP hook ups. Even if it is for casual RP or for me to play the bungling burglar.

I leave you now with a random rockabilly song.



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