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Anelia Sadowyn [Back to the Sixth Astral Era]

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After meeting some new RPers, making new connections and meeting old friends ICly, Anelia's characteristics require a bit more character changes as time passes by. She maybe a Sultansworn, but as she meets more people around Ul'dah and other places, anything can happen to change her destiny as a paladin.


Plots that hasn't been revealed about herself are the followings, and I'd require advice and assistance to drive this arc for her:


  • Her hidden truth about her and her family. Regarding her being half-blood to the Highlanders and Ala Mhigo.
  • Her pressures as a Sultansworn due to many political authorities slamming on her. Her ideals vs The politics.
  • Her being the instructor of many students could change her course of being more lenient and understanding as time passes by. 
  • Her past memories as a child, when she became an orphan in Ul'dah - she requires plenty of childhood friends. Who may have became bandits, cultists, or even Brass Blade or any type of character (that may have moved to Gridania or Limsa too). - Who can be friends reunited once more, or become rivals.
  • Relationships are still on the question. Definitely out in the blank right there. I haven't thought about it, but suggestions or any ideas would be nice.
  • Personality character change development is needed, and should any old acquaintances want to have Anelia involved in their IC events or any story - I'd love to join in and be involved.
  • What you all need to know at least is that Anelia is good aligned character - and that would not change anything much. She likes to keep her three virtues: respect, tenacity and compassion at all costs. So asking her to become a perfect villain or Ascian cultist is out of the question. But temporary corruption by mind-control or something would be interesting course of the story!

Feel free to post here and PM me. Because I really want to push myself to do more RP if possible.

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Sultansworn who grew up as an orphan in Ul'dah?


Yes...I can think of a lot of potential for this.


I personally found it to be more interesting for me to go to the loyal knight path instead of desperate bandit path. xD


Feel free to drop any suggestions though!

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I am reposting this for an update. I am currently looking for people who have some connections within Ul'dah who would like to be acquainted with Anelia since she was little such as being an orphan, or even in the separate Sultansworn league as a trainee.


Anelia has also been traveling with her comrades during the period right after the Calamity (Before the 2.0 Timeline started) to aid locals near the borders of Shrouds, and Thanalans.


Any particular reunion you'd like to make with Anelia, would be nice.


Also, for any characters who have met Anelia - they also can recall seeing her when she was younger if they wish to do so.

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