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Week 1 Character development

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Post here and tell us how your character has developed in just a week (or two!). Focus primarily on interactions with others.


Sample questions

How many LS members did he/she meet so far? How about random strangers? Did they start a new friendship? Rivalry? Relationship? What is your impression of your character's growth thus far? Is it going at the right pace? In the right direction? Or maybe something needs to be changed? Did you discover something about your character that you didn't know before? What was the most memorable interaction with others thus far?


This thread will be discussed on the upcoming Remotely Plausible podcast (episode 4).

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I will be honest and say that I'm a bit disappointed with my character's lack of progression in game. There is an ongoing writing project I am working on (listed in my signature) but there has certainly been more development on this than in building formative relationships with others in game. This is completely my fault as I have limited opportunity to be in game unless it's the weekend or I have enough free time after work.


Some factors that I believe to be the cause:


  1. Timezone (GMT). I have genuinely find it difficult to spot roleplayers in Gridania (my starting area). Likewise I have found it hard to initiate conversation with strangers if I have managed to find others roleplaying. I'm not one for butting into the middle of a conversation, but even some small acknowledgement would be great. I appreciate that it's really down to luck sometimes as I prefer natural to forced ('Hey I'm in X, want to get together?') RP situations but I feel desperate enough to take whatever I can get! I know there are others out there in my time zone and I will be actively looking to make connections with them over the coming weeks.
  2. Portraying my character and gauging interest. She's textbook Keeper reticent, she's a bit of a mystical oddity, she's shy, she speaks up at weird times and the intention is to make you go 'Huh? Who was that?' I knew this wouldn't be easy but I've done this type before. It's not impossible but it is also not your average charismatic, bubbly, spunky, happy-go-lucky energy ball. I am by nature an extroverted person, but I do believe that some of the most interesting and deep people are also sometimes the most quiet, which is why I enjoy trying to roleplay them. It can be a real challenge when the general notion of roleplay is to be openly social with others. I have considered re-thinking her mannerisms for the sake of being more socially 'compatible' but honestly, I don't want to have to. I'm patient so hoping that the perseverance will pay off and lead to some interesting future developments for her.
  3. Amount of playtime. Very limited. I want to progress so I don't fall too far behind but I'm also not in a rush. Having less time to actually be around does not help when you want to meet others!


The most memorable interaction for me thus far was The Halcyon Caravan event this past Saturday. I enjoyed listening to the various conversations and gain perspective on the other character personalities out there. There were times when I was truly laughing behind the keyboard and Zyanya also laughed a bit herself (despite her shyness). It was her first bold step to doing something with an organized group - think your first day at a new school or a new job - and I like to think that it was a success for her.


My case is likely too boring to discuss since there aren't many good interactions I've had as yet, but it is my responsibility to rectify this! I thought I'd contribute anyway because it's an interesting topic and because introspection never hurts.

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If said characters have a Wiki link I linked it on their first mention.





LS Members:

As a PC/NPC character in charge of getting people into the CB storyline she met a few people and already knew of others canoncly. Fillion Fenias is a fellow PC/NPC character who she does not like and they don't get along, Katara Tyme is Fillion's new charity case (Who Loki calls his new "toy) who they met accidentally while in Aleport. She already new of Stanzie Rhys, a Scribe in the Crimson Blades, and they met for a meeting about the sudden influx of new members, along with Kudrin Colars, someone she didn't know but had been in the CB for awhile. Katara Tyme interupted said meeting and Fillion thought she was a treat and gave her a ring, which is against the rules so Loki yelled. Fillion was never much for rules anyway.


Which he proved when he sent out an open invite of Blades to a party without telling them they were all Blades. There Loki met Kuromori Fujihara, Shamade Conde,Nedral Crenl, and others she'd already met before. She realized what Fill was doing and yelled at him, stating that he needed to stop being an ass... he will never listen :P


Later, she met Lloire Peace and Verek Sederai at Aleport while waiting for Ellion Direfrost and had to inform them (along with Katara) exactly what the Crimson Blades was.




I haven't met many people from outside the LS, but during Fillion's party Loki walked in on a Spectral Wardens meeting at the Amphitheater and assumed it was some kind of play. A terrible, terrible play... and also heard something about Bacon Rum. Later on, when she was informed it wasn't a play and went to the party, she said they had Bacon Rum down there and Katara ran to get some. Turns out Tyriont Gaidal had Bacon Rum on his person, a sort of experiment in Rum. Loki had knew of him by name, being a pirate herself, but had never met the guy. She also met Reniase, who explained a bit about the Spectral Warden and a lot of Spectral Warden members, though she didn't speak to them personally.


Specific Questions:

~ I don't think any friendship were started during any of these meetings, they were really just introductions. Introductions are the worst part of any RP, I hate doing them. They're always forced and somewhat unnatural, but really the only way to get your character to meet people at the beginning of a game. She doesn't really like Katara much, finds her annoying and just tagging along with Fillion. Fillion is annoying to her. she has no opinion on anyone else.


~ Her growth is what I thought it would be, introductions are hard. I do have to say I'm used to Aion, where there was one major city so it was really easy to find RP. I don't know of any RP hubs or even if there are some. Maybe LS's are just sticking to themselves at this point? Unsure.


~ Character growth? So far it's just trying to get her acclimated to her surroundings, so no big revelations yet. :)


As for the others, since Loki is the one who gets everyone involved in the CB story, I haven't been able to RP the other 3. That will come later though, I'm sure.


In short: I hate the first couple weeks of RP, introductions and getting people involved and getting used to your character is all the worst part :P

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It's a bit difficult to say. Part of the problem is just trying to understand the world that FFXIV is set in, along with the absolutely brutal crafting system that is always forcing it's way into my head, pushing off planning and things.


I'm finding that my character is deviating from the original plan I had for him, which makes me feel a bit put off. Rather than being so much into study and research, he's been ICly working on general crafting and general combat (with focus on magical sides). I can't figure out what particular field of research he'd be interested in and what I want to try to do has been a bit difficult to work out because of his backstory.


I keep setting gameplay goals which keep pushing Roleplaying out of the way, and while this is my problem, I find it frustrating because fellow LS members are managing to push higher, faster, stronger, broader into their PLs and Ranks. Maybe it's the power-gamer in me, but I'm just having trouble balancing between Roleplay and gameplay.



Freyar Shockaru has loosened up a bit. As far as relations inside the linkshell he's part of, a bit of a rivalry has flared up between Illias Naystar and himself. Others watching the two talk to each other have described them as "Brothers", though it is a bit funny considering how different they are physically and focus-wise.


I've met a number of linkshell members too, though ICly my interaction is severely limited due to the times I play, and those gameplay goals that keep taking up my time. I'd like to sit down and work on some inter-character development.


Outside of the linkshell, I've met a number of members from T.A.L.E. Good folks, though I know only one or two as much as a couple members of my linkshell. Much like everything else, I'd love to do more, I just don't have enough time for that AND a heavy RP slant.

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So it seems like the general consensus so far is that they're unhappy with their progress either in RP or in game progression, or both. And I am unfortunately no exception.


As far as game-time, I'm a bit limited right now. I'm still trying to figure out my current health problems so most of my day is spent in bed rest or sleeping, as I'm currently not well enough to go to work, and at times I'm uncomfortable to drive. I try to squeeze in an hour or two a day, even if it's just doing leves. Because of my moderately slow pace right now, Zeah's making some progress, however it is quite slow compared to everyone else. I'm also leveling a miqo'te for fun, and she's going to be predominately my fisher and other crafting toon, however I would like to implement her into RP one day.


As for RP, I've had very few RP encounters just because of my lower level and my lack of time. Zeah is developing much like I had wanted her to. She's meant to be a quiet observer, but upon being approached she is friendly and easy to talk to. The problem is just getting her to talk. Since she's just naturally not very talkative, it's very difficult to even initiate Rp situations by myself. And since everyone has sort of formed their own relationships with other characters and things now, I'm sort of just overlooked, but in reality, that's exactly how Zeah would end up being in a social environment.


So far I've "met" really only 2 people in RP, one was Renaise, because he had to give Zeah the pearl :P and the other was Zink, a lalafell who came up and started conversing with Zeah at a small gathering we had in the Miner's Guild in Ul'dah. That situation was actually very fun for me to role play with, and I managed to pull off exactly how I thought Zeah would react to certain things. The lalafell started off rather friendly and then gradually invited her to dance, to converse privately and even asked her to keep him company for the night! And because Zeah is somewhat average, but by no means unattractive, I had imagined her having this problem in the past. She enjoys company but for now she's young and inexperienced in romance, but I figure she's been approached before. And I sort of planned on her just being a "buzz kill" expert, just mention things that throw the conversation for a loop and just things like.. "Well enjoying a night by the fire sounds very nice, but.. I would never sleep with a fire going. It could be very dangerous." ect. Or mentioning things that have nothing to do with the direction whomever is hitting on her is trying to lead things in. She almost plays sort of dumbfounded or unknowing of the intentions of others, but it's an act she plays nicely and I think I was pretty successful in that aspect.


I would like to get to know more people ICly. I'm in the Mog House so I tend to talk more OOC with everyone than IC, mostly because I don't really want to butt-in win the conversation already circulating in my RP LS, or there literally is just nothing that I could say that wouldn't sound forced or attention-seeking.

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Mysidia is so bad most of the time, I seriously considered rerolling on Besaid, but I have RL friends on Mysidia who would be upset at me. I decided to make the best of it and started my own RP LS. No one talks to me still, but maybe if I put myself out there more I'll find the secret entrance to Mysidia's RP underground.


Maybe it's my playtimes, but I'm not sure. I played more in OB but it was the same there regardless of what server my friends and I tried.


Bottom line, I've been horribly dissapointed by the whole in-game community in general.

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