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Hi everybody!


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Name: Elno Sulto

World: Balmung

Home: Ul'dah

Main Class: PLD

Off Class: BSM/ARM & MIN


Hi guys, I'm Elno I live in Ul'dah and I'm a short friendly Lalafell. I spend my time casually watching people walking around or generally making a fool of them selves and then laughing about it.



I am an Avid Chocobo Enthusiast. I recently founded the Chocobo Crusaders! free company which I am working to improve the rank off and recruit fellow Chocobo enthusiasts.



I take time to do a bit of Blacksmithing and Armorsmithing or scrounging outside in the wild for valuable materials that I require to hone my smitthing skills.


I've got a few friends who I like to spend some time with, Azami Lihzeh, Flashburn Ow & Zermit Vasilopita.




Hi Everyone, I'm an avid Game player with experience of many different MMO's including well known titles such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy Online, Eve Online and guildwars.



I play many other games on a regular basis as well such as some of the battlefield and the counter-strike titles and strategy games too.


I'm still quite new to the whole RP thing but I've got some experience of role-playing already how ever not to a huge extent I am aiming to be a Light or possibly a medium role-player especially when time progresses and I am more confident with role-playing.


Currently I am in my final year at university doing Computer Games Programming and I work part time now developing E-portfolios for professional bodies who do CPD and make products for other university's and colleges around the UK.


I heard about the coalition when i started the free company that I previously mentioned and they suggested that I join here to get started with the whole RP experience.


Look forward to seeing you around the world. :chocobo:


Elno Sulto

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