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:thumbsup: wats up yall i am an old school FF fan who is now looking to really get into 14.  i have tried various FCs and they all kind of seem to be full of jerks and 15 year olds, and while i was looking for new FCs i noticed that lots of the RP ones seemed to just be generally nicer and more mature.  i know very little about RP but am interested in it and would love for someone to help me out here since it seems very fun.  i also need a LOT of help with 14 in general - i have never played an MMO before in my life (except WoW which i quit after two days because it was the most boring thing i had ever done) and am more than just a little bit confused by all the mechanics.  so if you know of a solid FC with room for a very friendly, respectful newbie, please let me know!  thx

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Welcome aboard! The Linkshell Hall is a pretty good place to browse and find people that are matching what you're looking for, be it PVE, PVP or just RP and hanging out. The FFXIV Discussion board is for talking about the game in general, and the Character Development board is a good place to get some starts on coming up with a character.


If you've got questions, ask! Somebody here will have the answers. Probably.

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