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Cleaning House - (Open RP)


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Melodia brought her bootheel down hard onto the young male Hyur's knee...well the side of it anyway, pressed hard as she bent over at the wasit to look down at him while he yelled in pain.


   "I'll no' ask ye again. What were ye doin' about at this hour, traipsin' about wi' tha' woman look like she jus' wandered out o' some harem? Hmm?" She pressed the heel down harder and twisted slightly.


She was not wearing her uniform at the time. She wore her darker jacket and pants, looking more akin to gear designed for a field operation, because she was not on duty, and as far as the man knew, she was simply someone accosting him. Though, she'd been careful to drag him off to a more secluded stairwell before starting their conversation. The quick slam to the wall with his face had caught his attention and and stunned him just long enough for her to knock the wind out of him and get the leverage needed to keep him pinned with her boot.


His answer was panicked. "I don't know what you're talking about! She's a friend!"


"Oh, I'm sure she is. Such a dear friend she ran off th' second ye got into a scrape. How much did she cost ye?" She slapped him across the cheek trying to get his attention. "Hmm? More'n tha' where did ye pick her up? Tell me!" She added emphasis with a hard press on the kneeas she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow and glancing about. She'd seen one of the guards had peeked down the stairwell and had given her a knowing nod before going back to his patrol, leaving her in peace.


"The Wench!! The Wench, damn it! Please stop!" He was in tears and his knee was screaming. But she had paused, staring at him with her deep burgandy eyes and long blue hair pulled to the side as she drew a dagger and knelt close, holding it to his throat.


"The Wench? An' tell me, love. was there by chance a sultry redhead involved in arrangin' this lit'le date o' yers? Speak true 'r I'll slit yer throat and dump ye in the sea." The words were flat, cold and honest. She had little patience for this man already and needed an genuine answer.


His expression was confused and he shook his head quickly looking at the dagger and not her. "N-no. No redhead.....we just met at the bar, I swear. Please believe me.....I-I don't even know what this is about....I ju-just wanted a good time was all." He began to weep and she shook her head, standing up.


She believed him. Her voice was calm and gentle as she slipped the dagger back into her belt. "Aye....I b'lieve ye. Go on home.....take a cold shower. An' stay out o' trouble. I don' want t' see ye anymore tonight."


He didn't wait and scrambled to his feet, limping up the stairs away into the night. She waited there, pulling out the Heaven's Gate business card and staring at it with narrowed eyes. She needed more information. The proprietor....she was a slick one and Melodia knew she couldn't just blindly approach her hoping for answers. She'd seen the deftness of the woman already the last time they'd met in the Wench during the party thrown by that group of pirates.


She just needed more information....some kind of proof. She stepped and walked down the stairwell back toward the docks, hoping she would get something soon.

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Andralyn smiled as the couple walked away from her. Another happy ending; one more notch in her matchmaking belt.


She looked over the bottle of wine they had brought her, tilting it toward the light to get a better view of the familiar label and nodded with satisfaction. One of her most favorite perks.




She turned away from the bottle, looking over her shoulder at the familiar face jogging up to her.


"Liam," she smiled, "what can I do for you?"


The man returned the smile, clapping his hands together in front of him with a pop before resting them on his waist, "Just came for the assignment, Grace."


"Of course," she opened the bag hanging at her side and removed her notebook, "You'll be escorting Locket." She flipped a few pages into the book and dragged her finger down the lines of writing before transferring the information onto a clean sheet and offering it to him with a clean rip. The man's sigh made her grin, "Enjoy."




Their vacation back to the Shroud had been pleasant, but not so good for business.


Shady as some of the forest's inhabitants were there was no way she'd make as many sales there as she had in their time in Limsa Lominsa. The belly of this city had embraced her and she in turn was growing to love her new life here. 


This woman sounded like fun. She had to know more about the one that wanted the redhead.

She grinned as the sound of the man scurrying away clamored around the stone hallway and she straightened, primping herself as if readying for a date. She offered a smile as the woman passed her and stepped in line behind her on her way to the docks.


Her footsteps were quiet as she sashayed behind Melodia. She was small, quite shy of five fulms and looked friendly enough; dark hair that lay braided over her shoulder, bangs hanging messily in her face. Her clothing told little about her: there was no uniform here, no guild issued garb. Nothing poor, nothing rich. It was simple. This was a simple citizen with a simple, inquisitive smile.


"Tsk... scum.. the lot of 'em. I bet that one was lying through his teeth."

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Melodia stopped cold in her tracks, tilting her head back to the right enough to eye the smaller woman behind her and clacked her teeth softly while her eyes narrowed. She was still breathing a little heavily from the altercation in the stairwell and was trying hard to relax herself. Her left hand went to the hilt of her dagger and she spoke calmly enough with a slight hint of agitation touching the edges of her words.


"Is tha' so? An' what would ye know of it lass? I'm in no mood fer games at this hour."


She tensed her legs waiting for the other's reply, and praying she wasn't allowing herself to be snared.

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There was a little hop in her step as she stopped a few strides short of Melodia and Rhysa almost pouted. Almost. Her ears pulled back slightly before springing forward again and letting the smile on her lips bloom into a toothy grin as she saw the hand move to the hilt.


A hand came from behind her from its place clasped with the other on the small of her back and wagged a finger matter of factly, "Now, that truly is a shame.."


Her hand wandered back to meet its partner and her head canted to the right slightly.


"You see," her lips pursed in thought a moment, "one should be ready for games, whatever the hour, but especially in these hours. This is when the fun ones come out to play, you see?"


She moved her hands back around, clasping them in front of her, "You like games, I know you do...otherwise you wouldn't be skulking around back alleyways and stairways beating on young couples in love..."


"Maelstrom,  a Jacket, or just a scorned lover of the redheaded one?"

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Watching this young woman was tricky at this hour, keeping an ever fixed on those hands. she'd no idea who this was and didn't feel like being the subject of some message being sent. She turned and faced her, lips caught in their usual scowling frame as she looked the woman over. Their height difference maybe gave Melodia a slight advantage but the smaller ones were always quick. She'd learned that well from Taurin.


A slight hiss before she spoke.


"I'll no' answer th' last. Jus' know I'm in a position o' authority. Yer alone? No friends waitin' t' cut me throat? I don' s'pose ye'd tell me th' trutyh if ye weren't but if ye do plan t' cut me...I'd say get on with it an' no' waste me time."


Her tail twitched behind her and she took a soft gulp before speaking again. "'Sides, I'm jus' lookin' fer answers is all.  Likely 'bout th' very redhead ye mentioned."

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He watched the couple as they left, a small smirk toying at the corners of his lips. He shook his head and raised a hand to his ear, murmuring into the pearl that was there.


He began to approach the table and take his seat once more, now that the couple had left, but paused as Liam approached. He let out a small sigh, watching the young man and knowing full well what was in store for him. He didn't like the idea, but he didn't let his face mirror the man's as he closed the distance. The pairing seemed more out of spite than it was for bettering the business.


Liam was loyal, and all around good at his job. He had a good head on his shoulders and rarely ever questioned his orders. Locket was... well... she was good at what she did... but...


He took his seat once more and smiled at Liam, "You've got it handled I'm sure, Dresdan. If you need any tips or anything..." he moved a hand and tapped the pearl in his ear. "... I'm only a few ticks away, yeah?"


He gave Andralyn a sidelong glance before looking fully at Liam, "Besides, if anyone of our crew has a level enough head to tame that woman, it's you. Gods know I've tried!"


He pat the man's arm firmly then sat back and returned his gaze to the other patrons of the Wench.

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Liam gave a short, breathy and most certainly unconvinced chuckle at Johnathan's confidence, "Ah. Well.. I suppose only time will tell, hm?" He brought the paper, now folded to his brow and gave a casual salute with it to the both of them, "Twelve guide us all, hm?"


Andy laughed quietly as Liam jogged off again, "He'll be fine." The way she dragged out that word proved she was indeed having fun with the situation. It was business, yes, but that didn't mean that it had to be boring.


She crossed her legs at the knee and leaned into the table, pushing the bottle toward John, "Look, a gift!"







Rhysa chortled, her tail flipping lazily behind her as she brought up a finger to rebut that statement, "I mentioned no redhead in particular, I was merely inquiring about the redhead you were ready to beat that man's skull in for."


She rocked back on her heels a moment looking up and down the hall that they stood in, "This would be a terrible place to jump someone so much ... well more... " She puffed out her cheeks, blowing out a sigh of air, "Mm. No, no.. I'm simply passing through the city and didn't want to interrupt the ... interview you had in session as I walked.


Who is this 'sultry redhead', hm? I know people, perhaps I could... help?"

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Glancing around she heard nothing out of the ordinary and if a group were about to attack she'd likely hear one making a mistake. Relaxing a bit, but still wary, she let go of the hilt her of dagger and eyed the smaller woman warily.


"Aye but ye mentioned a redhead....an' fer me there's jus' th' one. One named Grace....met her at th' Wench a while back. An' me gut says she's no' exactly the simple woman she p'trays in public."


Moving a bit closer but still on edge, she looks at the woman and with a straight face asks her, "Tell me wha' ye know o' Grace."

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John watched the item as it neared, a small groan escaping him as it stopped. "How wonderful..."


The last time he indulged in such a gift, he had a hard time cutting himself off. Granted, he wasn't pass out drunk... but his abilities and balance were definitely questionable... as were his motives. 


His hand reached out to twist the bottle around a bit, inspecting the label and the color of the liquid within. He offered a nod as an approval, then carefully shoved it back toward her.


"I'm sure you'll enjoy it, Grace." He smirked then moved his gaze back to his job, surveying the surroundings and making note of the comings and goings in the Wench.

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Andy tilted her head as she watched him, "Something on your mind, John?"







Rhysa's face went straight for a moment and then she grinned, "Grace, hm? Mm... Mmhmm. I know a Grace. I know a few Graces, actually. What's so important about yours?"

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Melodia approached the smaller Miqo'te, now showing annoyance on her face as she was tired and in no mood for word games.


"I tol' ye the Grace I'm interested in was a redhead. Either ye know or ye don'. I've had a long day....so why no' jus' tell me if ye know. Th' reasons I'm lookin' fer information are no' important."


She sighed and knelt down, looking at the ground and then back up at the woman.


"I'd like t' take her down, if she's doin' illicit activity in th' city." She grinned. "So....tell me what ye know, lass."

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Rhysa's nose crinkled as she chuckled, "Ooh. You're one of those most upholding of the law types, hm?" Her lips turned down at the corners, "Not one that likes to allow much fun, hm?"


Her tongue clicked against her teeth and she shook her head, "I can't say I'm much interested in divulging information when there's not much in it for me and the subject of such interrogation is likely to be clad in irons because my help. Doesn't do much good for business, you see."



She'd take a step, intent on working her way around Melodia and out onto the docks, "Good luck in your search, ma'am. I hear the western dock is ripe with whores this time of night."

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Melodia clacked her teeth and moved to sieze the smaller woman by the forearm.


"Hold! Yer int'rest in helpin' me is tha' if ye don', I'll be forced t' deal with ye like the man ye saw earlier....only ye'll get th' bonus o' bein' thrown in the brig fer pissin' me off an' the like."

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Rhysa paused midstep as her arm was accosted. Through the thin cotton sleeve Melodia would have easily felt the device strapped to her forearm. Something rather hard on the outside of her arm, and something metallic possibly sharp inside.


Her face tilted toward the woman as her gaze lifted slowly to meet hers, "I don't take kindly to threats or people touching me."


Her fist flexed slightly, "Take your hand off of me and act like you have some manner of civility about you before I wake every ship at port."

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Melodia let go, understanding she had put herself in a tough spot with this woman and needing more information she was not about to cont8inue down a path sending that potential information into the darkness. The weapon under her sleeve told Melodia that this was no simple wanderer....no common tourist just taking a stroll.


As she took a step back, her stern look softened and she crouched slooking up at the woman with a sigh. "I'm sorry....look I don' wan' t' fight with ye. If I look desparate it's because I feel like I'm drawin' a blank every time I deal with anyone in th' city. It frustrates me....makes me a wee bit likely t' handle things different than I ought to."


She bowed slightly and tilted her head a bit with a relenting sigh. "I'll no' try t' stop ye. If ye wan' t' talk, ye can. If no', th' best I c'n offer ye is a bit o' coin. If none o' tha' interests ye, ye c'n be on yer way."

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Rhysa pulled at her sleeve as though it was now infected by the touch of another. Her hip popped to the side slightly as she folded her arms across her chest and looked at the crouching woman with a grin that seemed to enjoy the dynamic between them.


"Coin, hm? I do enjoy heavy pockets... why do you want to take this woman down, so? "

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Melodia watched Rhysa fix her sleeve and when asked about the reason, she sighed.


"Takin' 'er down may be a bit strong.....I know me limits. Th' damn city wouldn' let me anyway. It's like everyone here thrives on the dirty side o' it. Hells even I been caught up in it."


She took a breath. "I'm jus' lookin' to....make some elbow room with 'er, if ye catch me drift. Let 'er know she can't jus' run amok like she owns th' damn place."


She pulled a small coin pouch and tossed it up lightly and caught it again. "An' any help gettin' me a way t' make tha' room would be appreciated."

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Rhysa frowned at the weight of the purse and clipped it to a belt under her shirt lifting a band to cover it and keep the coins still against her skin.


"What's there to talk about. Grace is a Dame. Runs a ring called Heaven's Gate... used to captain a ship under the name Thatcher... neither of them are her true name." She grinned almost knowingly and shrugged, "I'm sure it's all the same information you've found elsewhere. You're likely to find her in the Wench. I've seen her there peddling her matchmaking services more than her ring these days."


She cocked her head to the side, "Any reason you're not up there right now? Does she frighten you? "

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She cocked her head to the side and gritted her teeth at the woman's words. She'd heard some but not all of what was said from others and word of mouth but she'd heard other new points of interest.


But she was frustrated to hear the mention of the shift in business interests. Her lack of evidence was going to get smaller and then what would she do?


"'M no' afraid o' her. She's no more'n a slaver wearin' a pret'y face is all. But I need evidence 'fore I c'n jus' throw her in th' brig.....an' evidence is wha' I lack." 


Clacking her teeth a bit she turned and considered.


"Ye say she's got some matchmakin' service?"

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Melodia nodded. "Aye....yer information was helpful....an' maybe I do need t' jus' confront the woman head on." She grinned.


"An' stay out o' trouble....'r at least out o' me sights when ye get into it....I don' wan' t' be havin' a real tussle with ye."


She turned, ready to head up to the Wench to see what she would see.

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