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Uhh... Hey dudes and... not dudes.


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Yo, sup. How's it going. I'm pretty new to the game, just a month. I'm not new to RPing on an MMO and am a survivor from City of Heroes. As we refer to ourselves for some off the wall reason. Anyway, though I'm no stranger to RP I'm having a hard time getting into RP on Balmung. I blame it on my social anxiety gripping my online personas now. I'm on another server playing with some real life friends but when I get a few moments I hop on and level my Breeze on Balmung. 


I'm just here looking for a FC and a Linkshell or two to help me get my feet wet so I can eventually dive right in.


So... Hey!

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Welcome. I totally understand the social anxiety.


Feel free to hit me up if you see me in game. I'll probably be as nervous as you, if not more. Who knows? Maybe the experience of being miserably lost for words together will pave way for a deeply fulfilling friendship. One can always dream, right?

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