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The Legend of Voidknight Citadel

SM Nick

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The Legend behind Voidknight Citadel

Several years before the Battle at Castrum, Voidknight Citadel, after its discovery deep in the area of Outer La Noscea, was a vied strategic location between the Maelstrom and the Garleans as well as Queen's undead army alike as its natural defenses made it near impenetrable. Eventually though, it fell to a small strike force of Maelstrom soldiers, and a mix of military and mercenary personal. After the castle fell though, conjurers warded off the area with natural magic and hoped it would remain buried but Queen's army wasnt completely destroyed and so eventually the ward failed but the area, despite how vacant it looked after it reappeared, became a centerpiece of both adventure and fear as rumors of unclaimed wealth as well as rumors of it being infested with undead and voidsent, it became something of a legend. The area was conveniently buried by the Maelstrom after the defeat of Queen supposedly. They didn't want to risk riots when people heard there was an undead army growing in the land under their noses. The Garleans didn't make much of a move after that either as the ward kept all who wanted to enter away and out. The citadel is called Voidknight because of the soul stone that was gifted (or rather she stole) by a extremely powerful voidsent and it was called the Voidknight stone, an artifact that boosted her necromancy powers and even made her thralls and summoned voidsent handmaidens immune to the effects of banishment magic commonly used by conjurers so the dark magic cant be undone unless the master user of the magic is slain, or that is the theory. The soulstone was never recovered during the fighting, nor was Queen's death confirmed so it's currently assumed she is KIA and without substantial evidence to prove otherwise.


Niklas Gran, leader of the Gran Knights, found interest and intrigue in this mysterious citadel with a bloody history as he consults his friend, Inessa Hara of the Unsung Heroes. Passage 'may' have been secured to Voidknight Citadel and Inessa waits for Niklas to return with many fighters to come with, for many varying reasons.


What was just described above was the place of my Free Company's first story event! This is all fanon content and is not actually in-game. For those who would love to join the adventure, please send me a PM in RPC and I will get back to you either in RPC or in-game. Updates will come casually. Inessa is thinking of event specifics right now.



1. Niklas Gran (Leader)

2. Rena Gran (NPC)

3. Inessa Hara (DM)

4. Aaron Glacier

5. Meta Xi

6. Lillith Cale

7. A'rytiss Edar

8. Iron Sea

9. Anelia Sadowyn

More spots are optional if you would like to join!


We do initial RP on Friday, October 10th! Main forum RP starts on the day after on Saturday!


We meet up in Camp Bronze Lake in Eastern La Noscea once we are all organized.



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