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Looking to begin!

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So I have been on the site for a while at least in accordance with my join date and I have been on Balmung for a while but I have not done any roleplaying at least and wasn't too sure where to start then I remembered this site! I guess the main thing is I am generally looking for ones that are LGBT friendly as well. 


I have done some RPing in Second Life, but given the animations and everything it made it easier so I was scared to start here. I think I am feeling more confident now and looking to at least get into it.  Not too sure what information is needed but essentially I have all my DoWs at 50. and a few above iLevel 70. Main class is monk. 


I haven't worked out too much in the way of personality and things as I am still kind of in the process of planning and was thinking of bringing it out a bit more in actual RP to see which way works best. So please bare with me!

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