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Syndicate Member Implicated In Smuggling Ring!

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Jameson Taeros Named by Former Sultansworn


by Spahro Llorn


Jameson Taeros has served the fair city of Ul’Dah with prestige and loyalty as a member of the Syndicate for years, but has now been linked to the illegal activities of a La Noescan pirate named Lazarov, according to former Sultansworn Roen Denieth.


Ser Deneith, along with Sers Coatleque Crofte and Natalie Mcbeefof the Sultansworn, and a contingent of Brass Blades,  intercepted a shipment of Garlean weapons coming through the port at the Silver Bazaar.  Two groups of men were meeting at thedocks.  The smugglers themselves were La Noescan pirates under the command of Captain Lazarov. According to Ser Crofte the group who were receiving the shipment were members of the Syndicate.  After a brief struggle the shipment was captured, though Lazarov and many of his men managed to escape captivity.


Crofte claims to have received an anonymous tip that the transaction would be taking place, but Deneith has another story.  She claims that Lazarov himself gave them the tip, and that he was hired to smuggle in the weapons by Jameson Taeros.  “It was meant to provide evidence to arrest the one who hired him to bring in illegal goods, but somehow Taeros turned the story around, and pointed the blame at the pirate instead.”


As for the location of the shipment now?  “To my great displeasure, it was re-appropriated by our Brass Blades to pay for their assistance that night.  I am sure we can all agree they deserve recompense for their time,” Crofte said. 


Again Deneith paints a different picture.  “It may have been turned over back to Taeros. He has deep connections within the Brass Blades.”


Ser Mcbeef is currently hunting Lazarov in La Noesca after having his first mate, captured in the raid, killed. According to Deneith she means to make an example out of Lazarov to deter further piracy against Ul’Dahn ships. 


Ser Crofte, however, questions her motives.  “Despite what they would want the public t othink, {Lazarov} has yet to pose a serious threat to the sovereignty of the Sultanate.  I will admit that his actions have disrupted trade immensely, however. This is an issue for the Syndicate, and the politicians.  Not the Sultansworn,” she said.


Mcbeef herself is linked to Taeros through rumor, though unsubstantiated.  She claims to know him on a purely professional level.  When Crofte was asked about the possible personal relationship between Mcbeef and Taeros she had this to say, “There have been accusations, and that's all they are, that Ser McBeef might have a personal relationship with Taeros.  It would be uncouth of me to comment on rumors of my colleague’s love life.  As much as I would like to share what she has said in confidence.”  Mcbeef has said that her loyalty is to the Sultana first, and she would kill Taeros if asked to do so.


Crofte also claims that he is highly influential in this investigation.  “Because he is not so much 'involved' by himself, so much as he seems to be pulling certain strings.  Master Taeros is not the one following up on leads, traveling abroad hunting this man, though he does appear to be handing out orders.”


This is not the first time that Taeros, Mcbeef and Deneith have been involved in Garlean technology smuggling.  In a previous mission Sers Mcbeef and Deneith came under scrutiny for a missing Cerulean Core which was lost during a raid.  Further investigation into this matter, led by Taeros, resulted in both Deneith and Mcbeef being demoted, though they were eventually exonerated and Mcbeef was restored to rank.  According to Crofte, Deneith refused to resume her role.  “The invitation stillstands to return to the Order should she desire to, though in light of recent events that door may close fast,” Crofte said. The core was never recovered.


Lazarov was unavailable for comment, being on the run from Ser Mcbeef, but Crofte and Deneith both had comments on the man.  “From what I've heard he is a shrewd businessman.  He is also a favorite of local street urchins, so I assume he likes children.  Always a good thing in a man, aye?" Crofte said.


Deneith said, “He did what he did because he believes Taeros to be corrupt, as I do.  But for his efforts, he saw one of his crewmates get killed, and now is being hunted.”

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