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Plot Flashpoint the First - "Digging in the Dirt"


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[align=center]"This time you've gone to far.[/align]

[align=center]This time you've gone to far.[/align]

[align=center]This time you've gone to far.[/align]

[align=center]I told ya. I told ya. I told ya. I told ya."[/align]

[align=center]- Peter Gabriel, Digging in the Dirt[/align]



The Hook -


Little Ala Mhigo has just been raided, and in the wake of the attack fifteen youths are now missing from the camp. These are youths are assumed to have been targets of the raid. The culprits? A small squad of Garlean soldiers. 


The attack came at night during a sandstorm with the bulk of the camp's defenses being subjected to an airborne drug. The drug apparently caused the defenders to either fall asleep, or be easily slept by the Signifiers present in the Garlean assault team. The entire raid took only minutes, and there are only four reported casualties (in the form of blackened skeletons) that have yet to be fully identified. There is presently no clear story on how the Garleans extracted themselves, or the youths through the sandstorm. There is also no clear motive for why these fifteen youths were taken from the camp.


Several groups have pledged to investigate the situation fully. Most notably the Grand Companies, and Valeneaux (a Duskwight Merchant House that had long been providing aid to the Ala Mhigan refugees in the camp). 


The Process -



This is a plot hook. A jumping in point for any interested party, and it serves as the start of a much larger plot. As the plot moves forward more layers of onion shall be peeled away. So, this starts with a simple investigation into the incident. All are welcome to jump in and enjoy the plot. There will be small groups formed based on a few affiliations, but these are not the end all be all of how one can be involved. They simply serve as hooks for people to gather together and RP through the plot based on those affiliations. A cross post will be made in the connections area of the forum for people to sign up to be part of those groups. 


Investigation and plot cookies shall be done in a blue booking process. Consider the hook above to be what is generally known IC about the event. Ask questions and do investigation based on that information. For any and all groups I will make time to do some live back and forth investigation things, either over skype or IG. Please sign up in the connection cross post, or (if investigating individually) send me a PM, in game message, or a tell. Yar. Lastly I will briefly list the three "pre-made" groups here so that people can have some idea of what they are before the cross post is made.


They are -


The Maelstrom, The Immortal Flames, The Twin Adder, and the groups/individuals hired by the Valeneaux. Full details on what all is encompassed in these groups will be in the cross post.


Thank you for your time, I hope you guys jump on and have fun with this. ^ ^


The connection thread cross post can be found


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Anelia Sadowyn, who has been battling against void cultists and Garlean soldiers throughout her terms as a Sultansworn is known to be professional in fighting against them. Perhaps her experience could be used to assist Immortal Flames being a possible considerable threat to Ul'dah and Sultana.

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