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Monster Hunters Incorporated (Inactive)


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((Note from admin: I have been notified by the leader that this shell is now inactive.))


We've had about a half dozen people inquiring about an IC linkshell. I posted this information in the Mog House thread but, given that the first few numbers are there for the basis of an IC shell, I figured I would make a thread for Monster Hunters Incorporated to gauge the interest there might be for this sort of linkshell.


OOC and IC information follows.

Forums are incorporated as a subforum of the Mog House forums here, bottom of the page, MHI:



As of now, as this is an interest gathering venture, I am simply taking names. A simple post to MHI forums expressing interest would be considered tenuous intent to join. No applications. All information following is IC.

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The world today is a dangerous place, filled with aggressive animals, monsters and other threats. Though the efforts of the major cities, its armies and adventurers have managed to keep a calm in Eorzea, certain threats still fall through the cracks on a regular basis. With its general concern over a great many issues, the Adventurer's Guild is not specifically tailored to combat some of the threats that surface in our world.


To fill that gap, we exist. Monster Hunters Incorporated.




What Are We?


Monster Hunters Incorporated is an organization dedicated to taking care of of various 'threats' that exist within the world. In practical terms, we take on clients interested in having certain threats disposed of. Most often these are monsters. Other times just average field animals being a nuisance. And, on occasion, we guard against personnel threats, acting as security or escort. Our operators are known as Rangers, and they are paid well upon completion of their assignments.


Monster Hunters Incorporated is committed solely to the eradication of or defense against violent threats that surface in Eorzea. Missions are assigned based on previous accomplishments and Rangers are ranked based on their current completion history. In some instances, missions may be generally assigned to any Ranger willing to take on the mission, with the reward being transferred upon proof of completion to the first Ranger to return with evidence.


Signing up for MHI is as simple as filing the proper paperwork with the local MHI Chapterhouse, now set up in the three great cities of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul'dah.


For reference, we will need your name, place of origin and combat background before assigning a temporary rank, to be reevaluated upon completion of your first assignment.


Defense. Integrity. Security.

-Monster Hunters Incorporated


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Dioclytian Octavian Augustus (Midlander Hyur, Male)


Financial Officers and Public Relations

Tipwood Woodtip (Plainsfolk Lalafell, Male)

Cheval Fillete (Wildwood Elezen, Female)

Sortie Officers

Amerita America (Midlander Hyur, Female)

Beoncull Swylgar (Seawolf Roegadyn, Male)

K'Tiara Makalo (Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, Female)

A Brief History of the Corporation

Monster Hunters Incorporated was conceived of by Diocletian Octavian Augustus, a successful adventurer and warrior hailing from the region of Ul'dah, as a means of directly addressing rising concerns over the absorption of warriors into formalized military groups and the diversifying nature of the Adventurer's Guild. With the military preoccupied with the safeguarding of certain locations and the Guild assigning quests for everything from animal culling to cooking needs, a significant gap had formed in which monsters and wild animals harassing private individuals went unchecked and overlooked by other authorities.


To address this, Diocletian assembled several other formidable adventurers.


Amerita America was a rather young woman when she'd first appeared around Ul'dah and has, to this day, remained tight lipped about her past. However, her skills in unorthodox combat styles and possession of unusual weapons led to a string of successful quests that put her name at the top of the list of those working among the Adventurer's Guild.


Beoncull Swylgar, captain of the grand ship MHI Albemarle, served as the chief means by which Diocletian ferried about Eorzea in early years. A skilled swordsman and commander of men, he served chiefly in the regions around Limsa Lominsa, hiring on with the Guild to private endeavors and commanding his crew in the patrol of the seas.


K'Tiara Makalo was a widely traveled adventurer who'd served in the regions among all three of the Great Cities, a calculating and stealthy warrior who was well known for her bold tactics and cunning agility in combat. Hailing from Gridania, her command of guerrilla tactics made her an admirable leader.


With these three, all former comrades of his, Diocletian needed only the business structure by which to run what would come to be known as Monster Hunters Incorporated. Cheval Fillete and Tipwood Woodtip, both excellent business managers who excelled in promoting trade between Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, were brought on, with Cheval Fillete becoming the public face of the corporation.


The overarching goal, of providing security and defense to any in need, meant the establishment of clients. To this end, a series of advertisements began to post in the cities of Eorzea. The clientele was established quickly, especially for those needing security in areas bordering the Beastmen. The tasks began to range from the culling of wildlife in local region, to the disposal of monsters such as drakes, to the security provided for businesses and establishments form unsavory sorts of criminals and ruffians.


The Business Model

Unlike a mercenary corp, Monster Hunters Incorporated abides by a code of conduct in compliance with needs for transparency in conduct. Strict rules of conduct oversee the participants. While anyone can become a Ranger in the MHI, only the most skilled, and compliant with the rules of the corporation, can excel to the highest ranks and therefore highest pay. MHI expects strict adherence to its rules of conduct.


1.) Strict adherence to the targets assigned in the Sortie Assignment. Unnecessary killing, even in the name of self defense, will be investigated.


2.) Adequate use of force in relation to the threat. If a security assignment requires only the maintenance of safety on a premises, unusually rough or overbearing behavior towards even the suspicious will not be tolerated.


3.) No theft or harm towards other members of the guild, which will be met on the first violation with a restriction in payments for a period up to six months, followed by expulsion.


4.) Respect towards not only the administration of the corporation, but to the legal authorities of the cities. Flouting of one's status as an MHI member or defiance of local authorities in the name of one's Sortie Assignment will be met with a dock in pay or expulsion, depending on the severity of the violation.


5.) An expectation to work with local authorities, or even the Adventurer's Guild, when necessary.


6.) The general expectation to conduct one's self as a prized defender of justice, rather than a simple mercenary.


Addendum: MHI does not expect for all of its members to be the well to do, the justice minded or lovers of law. However, in the face of the authority of the Great Cities, it is expected that its Rangers conduct themselves with the appearance of such, thus transmitting the appropriate amount of respect needed in order to conduct one's assignment in a given region. Disrespect towards public authorities can result not only in the loss of a Ranger's ability to conduct an assignment in a region, but can have the greater impact of the corporation losing its charter to conduct operations in a given area. Use whatever force and lethality needed to take down your target. Towards local authorities, conduct yourself with the grace necessary to allow completion of such goals.


Sortie Assignments are distributed from the Sortie Officers via the public offices of MHI in the three Great Cities. Postings on lower Tier Assignments are assigned to the Sortie Board at the respective offices of the MHI, can be taken up at any time by any Ranger, and will be removed upon proof of completion of the task. These are Tier 3 Tasks, and are not specifically assigned to any Ranger or Rangers. Completed tasks, with evidence, or turned into lower ranked Sortie Organizers stationed at the three branches of the corporation. Completion of a significant number of Tier 3 Tasks lead to promotion.


Tier 2 Tasks are assigned directly from the Sortie Officers for the promoted and are not available for competitive assignment as are Tier 3 Tasks. Tier 2 Tasks are assigned specifically to a Ranger or group of Rangers as necessary, to their sole discretion, and will only be reassigned to other Rangers when it is evidenced that sortie completion is not within the means of those originally assigned to the task. Completion of a significant number of Tier 2 Tasks lead to promotion.


Tier 1 Tasks are assigned directly via the president and are matters of only the most urgent assignment, or matters of the most dire threat. These usually include working with local authorities, or may include direct involvement with Beastmen forces, among other things. In short, they are the deadliest and most sensitive of missions. Again, these are not competetive tasks, and are assigned directly to a Ranger or group of Rangers until proof of completion or evidence of failure.


Other Positions

For those not martially inclined, Monster Hunters Incorporated requires a wide variety of workers interested in the crafting of armors and weapons, the preparation of food and gathering of materials, the maintenance of facilities such as the three branches of the MHI, as well as the maintenance of the MHI's flagship Albemarle. Pay is set at a fixed rate distributed every two weeks with weekly quotas to be met for crafters or gatherers. Maintenance of facilities is paid at a lower rate, with maintenance of the Albemarle the highest paid positions for maintenance workers. Maintenance of the Albemarle requires knowledge of ship duties and assignments and general knowledge of naval practices, and is likewise a higher paying position. For all inquiries into crafting, harvesting, maintenance and naval duties, please directly apply with PR Officer Cheval Fillete.


Beyond payments received for their duties and services, members of the MHI are granted access to MHI facilities in all three of the great nations. The branch offices offer a number of amenities including sleeping quarters, dining halls and bar facilities, with negotiated discounts with many of the numerous taverns that fill the towns. Free use of the MHI's naval fleet is also granted, with access to vessels such as the Albemarle and Raisonnable some of the greatest perks of MHI membership.

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