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RP story line starting: Azure or Broke, seeing who is interested


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**** May under go restructuring depending on how drastically the main story line "Dreams of Ice" upsets currently known Ishgardian Lore*******



Quest log prompt: 


Surely one may have noticed a recent addition to the quicksand, quiet (in words, not in public emotes xD) carrying scrolls and drinking copious amounts of alcohol with a seemingly bottomless wallet. All while puzzling out through ancient texts in a habit befitting an Arcanist more than a Lance-wielder. Curious eyes may notice names "Haldrath", "St. Reinette", "Aubric", "Estinien" and finally the last entry: "The 2nd in a generation". To outsiders these names may mean nothing. To those versed in Ishgard's history they will know full well who these people are. Perhaps the nosy will take peek, or perhaps the deserters and refugees of Ishgard will wonder why Observatorium scrolls are out in Ul'Dah, only one way to find out.


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Dragoon is one of 2 jobs where the main story quest says that your job is spectacularly singular and unique, however, the Dragoon stands alone in having the quest claim that not only is it unique but also singularly more powerful than the other rank and file: The Azure Dragoon. (as opposed to WHM being a chosen reincarnate, nothing really states that the particular WHM is any more powerful but that's an argument for a different time)


**Dragoon main storyline spoilers**




The Azure Dragoon is once a generation, but after the calamity, something unprecedented happen, a 2nd one was chosen, not only that but it was an outsider, an adventurer. Estinian is dead and that adventurer has now disappeared, taking with them one of Ishgard's Strongest weapon against the Dravanian Horde. No one knows who or where that Adventurer is.


Some would set out to find that man or woman but this Ishgardian decides that the better choice was to make lightning strike twice, crack the code, find out what made an outsider worthier than all of Ishgard. If two at the same time can happen once, why not again, why not 3, why not 1 for each of the 1000 years of war between Ishgard and the Dravanian Horde. 


This roleplay will entail going to far reaches of Eorzea, clashing with primals, raiding Dravanian infested holes, evading Ishgardian inquisition, calling out fakers and charlatans. And will attempt to remain only lightly DM'd where possible leads will be brought by participants (red herring in Qarn? why not?)


As such I would like to see who would be interested in such an endeavor?

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