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Looking for Partner! (Roleplay!)

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Hi there! Name's Drilliendi Endi But ya can call me drill ^.^ I'm a Roleplayer from Balmung, Lalafell, what I lack in height I make up for in hugs and awesomeness! 


I'm currently looking for a partner, someone I can RP with, live with in my FC's house (Goblet), Run dungeons with, basically be inseparable, joint at the hip, Who will chat and be generally close! also IC marriage when it's implemented! So, anyone interested, oh! almost forgot, I'm Male, cute as a button Dunesfolk. 


So.. anyone who is interested in filling this position? Reply to this post! Heres my lodestone so you can see my character ^^ feel free to msg in-game also if you would prefer! look forward to meeting you <3





(Name is eedor runefrost in-game but IC its Drilliendi Endi!)

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Sounds good, I think Drill and Nahare would get along quite well to be honest! Give me a message when you are next online and we will meet in RP ^^


*happy dances* Wewt! I look forward to it! Once I finish my lunch, I'll be logging in, actually. So hopefully see ya soon :D.

Gaaa! I logged off shortly after you sent that Q.Q 

I will definitely see you asap! I'm so excited to meet her!! ❤ ❤

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140+ views and only one reply! *sniffs himself* I- I don't smell or something do I!?


*sniffs the air* Nope! No funk here! I just read your character wiki. You did a really good job on it! I could feel Drill's happiness while reading it :).


Awwww Thank you I just finished it ^.^ I read yours also, it's very well written I feel like I know her already :P

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