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Status of the Empire in Eorzea (2.0 ending onwards spoilers)


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I'm not sure how many folks do, but I generally use major MSQ events into my RP in accordance with each patch deployment...since come 2.4, all prior 2.3 events will have happened over those months since July. I count Operation Archon has having occurred in December 2013.


On that, the Eorzean Alliance besieged the castrums, launched a surgical strike and killed the Legatus of the XIVth Legion. But since then, how have people treated the status of the Empire in Eorzea? IC, I mention "We're not sure if they have a new Legatus yet", and that while the castrums are damaged, Eorzea simply didn't have the firepower to take em down completely.


We've had two references to the fate of the Empire since 2.0 AFAIK. One is Syrcus Tower where whatshisface says "My legion is for all intents and purposes defunct" and a second about how there's a succession war in Garlemald (which appears to be coming to an end with 2.4).


How have people treated the Empire since 2.0, assuming they do the whole 'RP world canon advances with each patch'?

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Berrod, for what little he has known, is of the mind that it is only another calm before the storm. He is unaware of the succession war, but from observing the Doman refugees he is well aware that the Empire is alive and moving. While he believes that the remnants of the Garlean forces in Eorzea are languishing, he is of the firm mind that behind Castrum Oriens they remain as strong as ever. It's just a matter of time before they push again. Not anytime immediate, however. Perhaps five, ten years.


As a player I gave my character that view because of the whole 'calm before the storm' deal the MSQ updates have been feeding us. Things are in a state of tense recovery and I like to reflect that down to my layman. I would very much enjoy more Garlean Empire plot advancement. Coil's finished, soon Crystal Tower will be too. THEY GOTTA FEED US -SOMETHING-.

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Since the Castrums and Garleans still exist in the game, I assume that while Operation Archon was a success, the Garleans still have fairly major operations, but have "turtled up" with the loss of the Legatus and the succession crisis. Aggressive operations have ceased, but they're still doing occasional raids and defending their territory. In my mind, I put the world more or less at "the events of the current patch are currently happening but haven't yet resolved."


In terms of IC knowledge, while I don't RP L'yhta as having been part of Operation Archon, she's aware of it through her Maelstrom connections. She also raids Garlean encampments semi-regularly for fun and profit. As a result, she has some inkling of what's going on in the Empire. Her knowledge is nebulous and rumour-based; after all, it's not like she's having tea with the Garleans. :) She's heard that there's a succession crisis in the Empire and has heard rumours that the Legatus of the XIVth perished, which explains the drop in offensive operations. She fully expects the Empire will resume it offensive stance soon, which is why she tries to be a fly in their ointment as much as possible.

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