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Miqo'te Massacre

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by Spahro Llorn


Mercenaries attacked an Antelope Tribe village in The Shroud earlier this week resulting in the deaths of the head huntress and many others.  Witnesses claim that the attack was an effort to reclaim a runaway concubine.


A survivor of the attack who wishes to remain nameless described the brutality.  "They set the encampment on fire, and they killed anyone who got in the way.  A few of us managed to fight back.  Most were killed.  A few were able to escape.  I did what I could during the attack, but we were outnumbered and outmaneuvered from the beginning."


The nuhn of the tribe, A'Raha, is missing.  It is unknown if he died during the attack or is in hiding.  The name of the concubine who was the alleged cause of the attack is also unknown.


If anyone has any information regarding this event please contact the Twin Adders immediately.

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