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I don't plan to change anything for another 3 weeks or so probably, but I wanted to get the discussion going beforehand anyway.


Now that forum activity has finally leveled out and reached a steady point, we can work on getting the forums a better and more friendly layout. If any of you have any suggestions about any particular sections, please speak up.


Archives section will be nuked in about 3 weeks so keep that in mind. Also transfer profiles to the wiki if you haven't yet. I started deleting some of the threads there that were already transferred. I'll probably send out a mass email next week (even though only the first 500 registered members will get it >.>) to remind people.


I'm thinking of merging the Courtyard subsection (in the Townsquare) back with the Assembly Room once again now that the section isn't flooding with overly important stuff anymore.


The Bazaar may get changed a bit. Heck, it may even get totally nuked. I don't know yet. Thoughts would be appreciated.


I'm also giving some thought to merging the Storyboard with the Town Square section. We'd just have to add labels to everything is all. This is still an iffy also so any thoughts on the matter would once again be appreciated.


Feel free to suggest any other changes that any of you would like to see.

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My quick two gill. I agree with much of your ideas. Put the courtyard in the assembly room, make the Town square a sub forum in Storyboard. I suggest keeping the Bazaar don't nuke it completely at least not until SE gets the wards all straitened out.


Also another suggestion in the gallery directory remove the RL pictures of people who do not move their character profiles. I don't know how difficult this may be however. I feel that if they don't move their profile they are probably not keeping up with the RPC.

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Haven't seen many thoughts on any of this. So don't be surprised when things start being moved/edited around the middle or end of next week.


As of right now, I plan to delete the Courtyard section and move all posts there back into the Assembly Room. Archives section will be deleted, along with all posts in it. Bazaar section will have the sub-categories removed (armor/weapons/etc) so it's simply divided into Buy/Sell categories. The entire section may end up completely nuked by the New Year depending on how/when SE implements the search function.

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Upgraded the forums to the latest version. Please let me know if anything isn't working properly all of a sudden. Known issues: Icons on the left side of the screen in the legend bar are not presently being displayed.


Also deleted Courtyard section, sending all posts there back into the Assembly Room. All RP/storyline related inquiries should now go there.


Stripped down the Bazaar section to more simplistic Buy/Sell sections without the further subsections. The entire Bazaar may still get nuked later down the line.


Funny' date=' I was about to make a post here about merging courtyard and assembly room. Your other changes sound fine to me. Not sure what else you could do to clean up forums offhand[/quote']


I'd actually like to hear more thoughts on this. Originally, we voted to have a separate section for RPer made social shells. But currently, there's only one such shell and that market isn't exactly exploding with more shells. Having an entire subsection for just that one shell does indeed seem pointless and adds to navigation confusion.

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You mean what I suggested about "The Pub" and "Guild's Bailey"? While I see the point of separating RP'er IC shells, and RP'er OOC social shells, we should face the fact that FFXIV's population isn't exactly booming at the moment, and Mog House is likely going to be Besaids only RP'er social shell for some time yet. Does Mog House need its own sub-forum? Seems a bit silly to me.


Unless/until we get a flood of new blood and new shells with the upcomming patches and PS3 release, I think we just have 2 LS forums, Guildhall and Pub. If you want to keep things tidy, maybe flad the Pub as OOC and Guildhall as IC. That way if a LS has no IC component (i.e. a purely social shell) they just hang out in the pub. Those with an IC presence could still strut around the guildhall, but they would have the Pub to discuss matters OOC'ly.

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