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New World! (Gilgamesh)

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Hello all,


I just recently started playing FFXIV and I found myself on the Gilgamesh server. I had heard that is was the unofficial RP server for newer people. Any who I was looking for either a LinkShell or Free Company that wouldn't mind taking on my Roegadyn Warrior Painted Lightning. He is a Hellsguard so I hope my naming scheme is alright. I'm on and off pretty frequently if you have a place that I could make my own, I'll be waiting.


Your Newest Member,


Painted Lightning

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Hello and welcome! We're glad to have you on Gilgamesh, you're totally an endangered species! I can count on one hand the amount of Hellsguard I've met. There's two major Linkshells used by the community; Sellswords (IC) and Adventurers Guild (OOC). I'm not certain right this moment who has invite privileges to either of those, but if you catch myself (or Adolar Stone, or E'kayah Nunh), we can try to get you into them.


As for FCs, there's a variety of them that have different themes. It really depends on what you're looking to do with the character, and what kind of concept you're going for. Like my FC is a bunch of misfit, ship-less 'privateers'. Essentially for the time being they're mercenaries; taking on odd jobs while we raise the money to buy a ship....or an air-ship ~_^ All of the RP FCs I've had the pleasure of meeting have been wonderful. Super nice and helpful.

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Thanks for the quick replies! I'll see if I can track down those LS and try to get things rolling. As far as character development goes, I'm a blank page. I usually try to find a good group of people then write out a story for my character so that I can have reasoning to join. In the past I have found it a bit easier to get into a good group of RP'ers if you're more open to try their arch.

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My FC, The Hydaelyn Order , is actually trying to get more involved in the RP on Gilgamesh! Frankly I'm new to the whole RP thing, actually as I write this I'm just lurking in the corner of some tavern in the Goblet watching some people RP, to get a feel for it.


Any way, the point of my wine addled ramblings is that my FC is recruiting and trying to get involved.


Feel free to add me! I won't bite :angel:


-Kali Shakti

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