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Dasair (Xavarian Mystrife, Yorumei Uranakei)


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I. Basic Info 


  • Characters:
    Xavarian Mystrife
    Yorumei Uranakei
  • Primary character:
    Xavarian Mystrife  (Since heavensward, this is debatable; wiki in progress, yet may change, Here )
Xavarian Mystrife is a young duskwight claiming to be an adventurer-scholar and mage, often getting himself into business and dealings surrounding lost knowledge, old ruins, mysterious artifacts, and aetherical disturbances. When need be, he makes out pretty well with his skills as a scribe and a bookbinder, but thus far, hasn't had to advertise it overly much.  Magic in general seems to greatly excite and bring the 'best' out of him (if you can count spouting out continuous theories, experiments, and attempting rash 'Let's see what will happen!' tests 'the best'...), but on other subjects, his awkward 'people skills' leave something to be desired, as others tend to generally make him nervous.  His love for puzzles and cryptic words when verbally cornered don't do him much favors either, but regardless, he is a very curious man, always eager to learn, and even more eager, it seems, to stick his (rather large) nose into secrets some might claim are 'better off forgotten'. . . 
Magic Nerds (OOC, for friends)(Master)
Mysterium OOC (OOC as stated)
Aether Science Squad (IC communications)
Middlemen Alliance (OOC, Leader on Xavarian and can invite)
Umbra Illustre (OOC)
Umbra RP (IC communications)
Red Lotus OOC (OOC, as stated; can invite)
The Astral Covenant (OOC)
Middlemen OOC (Yorumei)
Primary RP linkshell: 
Aether Science Squad (Xavarian)
Umbra RP (Xavarian)




II. RP Style 


[align=center] Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):[/align]

  • Medium to Heavy RP (if possible), though this often depends on my incredibly sporadic schedule and workload among other things.  I've RP'd a few times, though most of what I've been doing thus far with my characters has been OOCly going through the game, and screencapping all the lore I can get my hands on.  Currently, Med - Heavy RP is purely trajectory for once I get most of the glamour related stuff (for IC reasons, really) I want in the game.
  • I will note, despite this, if you see one of my characters (alone) In-Game, chances are I am NOT IC at the moment, and would prefer you send me a whisper / tell first before attempting to RP with me. ... At least if you want to avoid getting one back saying that I'm OOC. That said, I'm often perfectly happy to RP if asked!

    [align=center]Views on RP combat and injuries:
  • I am open to whatever is accepted or the norm in this game.  Currently, I've still a 'see what works' philosophy, so I am alright with freeform emote fights, where people trust each other not to go overboard, and also with something more structured, using rolls and randomizers to help keep anything overpowered in check.  Currently, I have no experience with PVP or a number of the mechanics of the game yet, so that may limit me in some regard.  Granted, I certainly would like to learn!
  • In so far as injuries, I'd really rather have my character keep all his limbs, and not be killed in the near future.  Typically, I'll determine the 'amount of hurt' I want to inflict on my characters, but if you have something specific in mind, send me a whisper to check it over.  More often than not, I'll be fine with it, so long as limbs and life are kept intact, (for now.)
    [align=center]Views on IC romance:
  • It must occur naturally.  By that I mean, I am never a person to 'plan' relationships at all.  My main focus with RPing, while I love character interaction, has never been romance, and will continue not to be romance, even if a romantic relationship between characters occurs.  I think each character has their own 'life' and goals they want to attain, and those aren't going to go away with a romance!  But that said, I am open to romantic relationships happening between characters, and have had both great and less great experiences with IC romance. I know it can bring a lot of growth to a character, and be very interesting to RP out, though I believe characters (and people in general) are much more than the significant company they hold.  
    That said, if romance does occur, I am open to various outcomes concerning 'what happens in more private quarters' based on what all parties feel comfortable with OOCly.  Typically, 'fade to black' is likely a preferred option, but I honestly could go further and be fine with it if all parties are comfortable. (Also, if they don't mind me laughing like a butt OOCly, because let me tell you; nerdy, socially awkward, clumsy sexual encounters are something I find a bit hilarious, and that's exactly everything that would happen in 'fade to black' situations with at least Xavarian, I'm sorry.)
    [align=center]Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
  • This is always fine.  I greatly prefer character growth to happen where we can see it, and not be handwaved off-stage, so to speak; however, I tend to leave a lot of ambiguity in back stories in the case that people might want to connect characters, families and so forth, because that can turn out really intriguing!  Though be that the case, it will require a lot of OOC discussion if you want that kind of connection to my characters, so be forewarned of that.
    I don't tend to script out RPs prior to them happening, however, beyond 'this is an event that's going to happen, let's see how everyone reacts and how it ends'.  The latter part is left up to ~the unknown~, more specifically, how characters take it.  Sometimes, if I want some particular consequence, I'll DM something with hypothetical NPCs and such, but 90% of the time, 'the end result' of any event is up in the air.  I think one of the best things about RP that sets it apart from simply writing your own story, is that unexpected factor you get from all the other characters that aren't yours that can change things in ways you'd never thought they'd go, and as such, I'm a big fan of the 'I don't know, let's see what happens' sort of roleplay. 
    I'll also add here that I don't typically do 'bar rp'. At least with Xavarian.  If it happens, it's very seldom, and more likely than not, my character will want to leave the place quickly.  There are a number of reasons for this.  
    ICly:  Xavarian is a Duskwight only recently on the surface from the Shroud; he hates crowds, loud noises, and large cities.  Bar RP typically happens with all of these.  So while Xavarian might pass through, and should something he sees become interesting enough, he might also take notes on it (if he isn't completely uncomfortable for the time being), he's very likely to be in and out of the place as quickly as possible.  If you only do bar RP, then my character probably won't be seeing much of yours.
    OOCly: I don't really care much for it.  I love character interactions, and talking can be great; hanging out at a bar once in a while is cool too, if characters know each other.  But that kind of constant setting doesn't much appeal to me on an OOC level, unless the character in question happens to work there or something.  There is an entire world beyond the bar, and my character has every intention to see it.  Also!  I type a lot, and slowly sometimes. Of course I'll modify for high-traffic settings, but struggling to keep up with a ton of activity isn't my idea of fun.  All in all, for a ton of reasons, bar RP isn't really my thing, nor my character's on a continued basis.
    ... Yorumei, however, is a different story. He may very well frequent taverns on his errant endeavors; and really, I'm not adverse to it now and again, but I'd honestly prefer some other scenery.
    [align=center]Views on lore:[/align]
  • I feel that the lore is the 'bones' of any world you choose to play in.  It's like physics, rules that apply to the world, but can be utilized in very intriguing ways once understood.  As such, I find lore incredibly important, and something that shouldn't be contradicted, but I also enjoy creative freedom, and will use what lore I know to inspire interesting scenarios and (hopefully) characters.  I tend to fill in gaps, and make logical jumps from what has been presented to something not covered, trying to to give it a plausible explanation with the lore as a base.  If anything I do contradicts lore, it's because I either misinterpreted, or hadn't crossed that lore yet, so please correct me if I'm wrong and you have sources I can read!  
    [align=center] Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):[/align]
  • Currently, my character is at default OOC until someone wants to RP with me.  But, here are my general standards for when IC things are happening:

  • /say = always IC.  I will put words in quotes for when my character is speaking, and everything else in the 'say' will be an emote.  For example: 
    Say: "By the Twelve, where in the Seven Hells did you find that tome?" The duskwight beamed, effectively ignoring everything else in the room now, save the book and its holder.
    ^ That whole thing would be IC, but Xavarian would only be saying the part in quotes.  If there aren't any quotes in my 'say', then the whole thing is an emote.

  • /em = always IC.  Same rules as 'say'.  If there is quoted text in the emote, then my character is speaking.  Unquoted, it's an action.

  • Linkshells = situational.  If the linkshell is established to be IC, then fine.  If not, I tend to view them as OOC purely because I will sometimes comment to my friends or others OOCly about the RP taking place, or use it as a notifier.  To me, it depends on the linkshell, and am fine with either, but I assume OOC unless stated.  Also, if I DO make something IC, you'll be able to tell by my typing manner.  (There will likely be quotes, character actions specified, and less caps and keyboard smashes.)

  • Free Company = situational.  Again, depends on what the Free Company establishes.  Same as Linkshell; OOC assumption unless specified to be IC.

  • Character Actions = IC.  I've turned off the text associated with action emotes, in case I want certain actions to stand for something different than what the text claims, but I assume the actions themselves are IC.  Typically, I'll probably emote the action out in text anyway, just to be clear in case someone missed the action, but if my character sees another character Step Dancing, he's going to assume that they're actually Step Dancing.

  • Spells / Skills = Selectively IC.  In the past, I've used spells and various in-game mechanics as almost 'flavor' for something happening in RP.  However, that 'flavor action' might not necessarily be correlated with the actual action it stands for in-game.  For instance, if there was an RP taking place, and suddenly, a number of crystaline spikes shot out of the ground in a ring around my character, I might have Xavarian cast Blizzard II to give a similar visual.  To me, that is not to be taken as Xavarian actually casting Blizzard II, but instead, meant to represent the crystaline spikes trapping him as just happened.  That said, I do consider these actions to represent something ICly, and will likely have my character react if something just explodes with fire, for instance.

  • Whispers = situational.  Typically, I assume whispers are OOC information (often times I'm given or give whispers as additional DM info, or info that other characters might not readily notice, but it's up to my character or theirs to react and speak accordingly based on these observations.)  Or, other times, I'll just say something to the player in a whisper that is OOC, such as asking if they want to rp or not, clarifying something about what their character did, and so on.  But there are situations where it will be my character whispering something to another and so forth, and in those situations, again, it will be clear by my typing.  I'll explain a character action, or use quotes for something my character is saying.  That, or if you're the sort to take all whispers as IC, just let me know, and I'll place ((s)) around OOC whispers.

  • Shout = OOC.  That's basically 'map chat' in my mind, so I tend to ignore it.

  • Yell = IC unless specified.  ... I've honestly never even used 'yell' but I figure this is how I'd take it in an RP setting.


III. Other Info 

  • Country:USA
  • Timezone:PST or EST
  • Contact info:Send me a private message via these forums.  Finding Yorumei Uranakei, or Xavarian Mystrife in game is good too. Anything else I'll give case by case, if needed.  :>
  • Additional Blather:  This will update as necessary for changes.  I'll also mention I have two timezones there because I travel between the coasts, so my timezone shifts from Pacific to Eastern and back on occasion.  The one not crossed out is the one that is currently accurate.
    I'm in EST now!
    Also, pleaseplease send me a tell or something if you want to rp with me!  I'm not saying this as a 'do it this way because it bothers me if you don't >8C' kind of thing, but more of a 'I almost always want to RP, and almost never have anyone to RP with' kind of thing.  Don't be afraid to say something to me, I'd almost always be down for playing, and if I can't at that moment, would totally work out a time to do so later with you.  :>
  • Tentative Schedule:
    Available (most often): Usually sometime after 11:30am is safe. I won't say 'whenever', but my schedule is pretty nebulous currently. We'll figure something out!
    Not Available: When I'm sleepin. Typically around midnight - 3am. When I'm busy will completely vary during the day.



[align=center][glow=yellow]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow]


(But comments are fine, if you want to make them. :> )[/align]

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  • 1 month later...

So I updated this a little.  Basically it's just a bigger wall of text, and I don't think anyone's really that surprised.  *lays down*


TLDR Summaries are:


  • I Added More Linkshells
  • The Wiki is forming
  • Tiny edit to Xavarian's summary about him being a scribe and piecing books together.
  • I don't really do 'city bar RP' that much, so don't expect my character to play in those often, because reasons (that are explained in verbosity above).
  • Walkups are welcome when Xavarian is in the Battlemage Coat and is a BLM.  (Both of these together mean I'm not just derping around leveling another class, and that the nerd is actually ICly in the place doing IC things.)
  • Timezone shift!  On the 21st of Dec, 2014, I will be in the EST timezone. Whether this means I will stop being up at crazy hours or not, we just don't know.  But my current schedule will be abolished thereon after until further notice.
  • Let me know if you ever want to RP with me!  Especially in-game.  Or here.  Or anywhere.  I almost always want to RP, and barely ever have anyone to play with, so I will totally be happy to meet up with your characters somewhere should you be up for it.

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  • 1 month later...

Dumb announcement thing for anyone who's been / wants to RP with me.


Tomorrow I am flying back into the PST timezone, and my schedule will likely get kinda nuts. I don't actually know what it is yet, but I expect I'm likely to be MIA (in game) for a few days at least.


Feel free to send me PMs here on the forums if you want RP or anything, but it's unlikely that I'll be in game a ton otherwise! At least until things get more sorted and I'm done moving. *sweats*


That is all.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...

A note here because I've been sparsely around lately.


RL stuff is getting nuts. It's nearing the end of my Graduating year in tha universities (FINALLY, OH MY SHIT) but as I'm double majoring, there's a bunch of crazy going on, nevermind various additional things to worry about outside of the class / admin spectrum itself.


That said, my tight schedule has been even tighter lately, and I'm not sure when it'll let up before the end of the school year... especially since right after graduation, I will literally be moving everything out of my living space to somewhere across the entire country. At least that's only like a month or two away.



So! Here's the update. I'm not on hiatus, but expecting to 'grab me in game' is a pretty unlikely thing. If I'm on, I might be leveling a secret alt for Heavensward, or only be there for a little while to roulette because I might not have the time to RP... without it being noted in advance, anyway.


If you'd like to RP with me, please send me a PM, grab me in a thread, or poke me some other way OOCly first!


I know I've reached out to a lot of people in the past, and I know that can be a stressful endeavor for some to initiate contact, it's certainly a two-way thing once that's been done; quite frankly there are a bunch of people with awesome sounding characters I hope to get in touch with later! So this isn't me saying 'I'm done trying to meet new people / done with walk-ups' or anything ridiculous like that.


Buuut. Right now I'm crazy busy, and while I would be thrilled to RP with someone who has a known time when they'd be around for me to meet them, I'm not going to be the initiator of new contacts for a bit, nor would I recommend the 'find me in-game!' approach, at least in terms of people who I haven't already played with. We'll need a date and time, at least to meet. And probably for subsequent meetings afterwards, at least while I am in crazy RL mode.


I'll definitely try to work something out with anyone who contacts me though, as I figure the only way I'll be able to catch you is if we set a time to both be in game. Alternatively, I WILL do Forum RP and stuff in Google docs if our schedules don't mesh!


... When the crazy is over, this will change dramatically, and I'll be back to poking people all over again. :| Until then though, I am a rare tiny creature that needs the serenading of OOC inquiry to immerge out of their hole in the ground. u_u Hopefully this isn't inconvenient for anyone looking to play with me too much.

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  • 2 months later...

UPDATED THIS DUMB THING now with my alt, Yorumei Uranakei. ... He might honestly become my main, so this might change more whenever I figure it out.


Also I AM IN THE EST TIMEZONE INDEFINITELY and just screaming in caps because it's exciting. I graduated, and have a decent amount of time on my hands for now, so I may start scouting people out for RPs and such soon. Otherwise, I'm more likely to be found in game on Yorumei now than Xavarian, because he took over my PVEing through Heavensward.


We will see if he takes over the RPing aspect too.

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