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Fashionably late...

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Hihi.....Soooo I've already been playing the game/posting in here for a few weeks now but finally decided to take a moment and do a semi-formal introduction. (What with the game being down atm and all. T^T ) Anyyyywayyyy; I like to think I'm fairly open and friendly so if you fancy a random chat, don't hesitate to get my attention.


Random facts:

I've been rping for about 13 years now. I cut my teeth on White Wolf tabletop and a fantasy based original story on IRC. Since then I've done looots of forum based posting (with things usually ranging from original story fantasy to loosely series based on a few anime/games here and there. ) I honestly like forum based a bit more because it gives me the option to have more than one character interact at the same time with each other (best example was having to write a break up argument with myself. xD ) but I'm really enjoying the aspect of getting to rp in game because it provides another level of depth that's providing interesting.


Right now I'm kinda light on the rp aspect in game but I'm hoping to get more heavy into it once I can get Clio's backstory cemented a bit better. Otherwise I tend to just randomly jump in when there's an opening and I get the invitation.


I'm a horrid cartoon/anime/game junkie. If there's an adventure time marathon; I'll let the whole thing play on my tv all day. >///<;



I like to draw and for the past year or so I've been mostly doing Photoshop. My skills aren't great but I'm slowly improving. Aside from drawing I've done more traditional art (acrylic painting, watercolor painting, charcoal, oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils, shading pencils, ceramics, a few mosaics, some sewing/cosplay, jewelery making with clay and wire/bead work, and some paper mache stuffs.)


I have a few things I hoard aggressively collect but my two main collections are anything with Yoshitaka Amano art (Pretty sure I'd have a heart attack if I ever got to meet him :T ) and anything related to The Legend of Zelda series. ...also Hello Kitty stuff.... 


Not really wanting to make this too long, so I'll cut it there for now but I look forward to making new friends and hanging out with everyone. OuO

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Aww I meant the traditional :blush:

*Rummages around*



Ceramic salt and pepper shakers



Mosaic plaque thing (Could have been a wall hanging but the wood is too heavy.)



Paper mache fierce deity mask from Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask.



Legend of Zelda earrings (The studs are suppose to be kinstones from the Minish Cap....but they turned out kinda derpy >.> )



Old bad drawing with colored pencils >///<



Derp Pokemon (Cake topper for Erik's birthday a few years ago...This was last minute otherwise I'd like to think it's face would look better.)



Acrylic on canvas of a red panda.




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