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Looking for fellow adventurers!

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[align=center]Myself (Moressa Longblade) and my friend (Deneroki Tunuroki) are looking for a Free Company or just other people to adventure with in-character. We're heavy roleplayers, so we expect our new partners to be as well. Whether we make our own free company together, or we join one who is active enough or willing to have us. Please don't be shy to shoot us a tell, or add me on Skype! (Information at the bottom.)[/align]


[align=center](ABOUT US)[/align]




[align=center]Moressa Longblade (screenshot)[/align]

[align=center](Name): Moressa F. Longblade[/align]

[align=center](Age): 23[/align]

[align=center](Race): Hyur, Highlander[/align]

[align=center](Gender): Female[/align]

[align=center](Birthplace): La Noscea[/align]


[align=center](About Moressa ICly)[/align]


[align=center]Moressa is a guardian. To live and protect is her motto. Staying in the front to keep enemies away from the rest of her party is a technique she's trained in ever since she was able to walk. She's a great leader, but can also be a good follower. She's slightly sarcastic and stubborn, but a good listener nonetheless. She comes from Limsa Lominsa with hopes to be a hero of sorts, and help those in need.[/align]



[align=center]Deneroki Tunuroki (screenshot)[/align]

[align=center](Name): Deneroki Tunuroki[/align]

[align=center](Age): 20[/align]

[align=center](Race): Lalafell[/align]

[align=center](Gender): Male[/align]

[align=center](Birthplace): Ul'dah[/align]


[align=center](About Deneroki ICly)[/align]


[align=center]Deneroki or "Denny", is a loyal and loving friend that will stick with you through the end. Always compassionate or worrying about his friends, he makes sure that they stay safe even if his life depends on it. Born and raised in Ul'dah, he is definitely a shy one. He stays quiet for the most part, but given enough time, he will come out of his shell with you. With a bright smile, he will come into battle at your side or protect you without hesitation.




[align=center](Love interests are welcome into the mix!)[/align]


[align=center]Please message/add me on Skype at Faedryn or Caitlin.Joyce.Curtis, or message me in-game at Moressa Longblade. Thanks a bunch for reading, hope we caught your attention![/align]

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I am not sure exactly what you guys are looking for but from what I have read already, It would seem like the both of you are exactly what Dartamian is looking for.  A little back ground on him...

Dartamian was actually once part of a band of evil pirates.  They said the seas spreading chaos where ever they went.  But soon Dartamian found himself wanting for a better purpose in his life.  This epiphany did not work out so well for Dartamian.  He found himself adrift out to sea, left to die.  Had it not been for a merchant ship bound for Lominsian shores, Dartamian may have met his demise in davey johns locker...  But low and behold, Dartamian awoke on the ship...

((This leads me into the into scene for the marauder and I have just been RPing on the fly ever since...))


I am now at the point of endgame point, and I am realizing I am going to need a crew if I wish to keep Eorzea safe from those would would bring her harm.  I have aleady established an FC ((Light ov Eorzea, of LovE)) and I have already purchased a house in Uldah to serve as a base.  I even have a teamspeak channel as well.  If you and your friend would like to join that would be great, even if not, if ya'll just find yourselves in need of a tank of wanting for friendly company.

Well I have rambles on enough.  Hope ta here from you soon.

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