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Probably with Popos. Mostly made for folks over at Elements. (love you guys :flower: )


Dodo Escape (featuring Jinxsy)





What if gravity didn't like Lalafells?





Halloween Stories - Arethe gets into character





Group Picture Concept (feat. Arethe and Kinsea)




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Thank you so much, everyone.


For the first one, Dodo Escape, did you use water color or markers? I've been drawing for a while, but I fail hardcore at coloring and have been experimenting~


All digital-experimentation on this side. :) Dodo's Escape is a result from several photoshop-filters mashed up together. It was lots of fun doing it.

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It looks really awesome ;-;


I hyper fail at digital art. I'm stuck in the stone-age of traditional pencil to paper xD


Atleast you can draw! Takes me ages to draw anything good! :P

Anyway! Love your drawings. :) Wanted to give them a real technical name like.. 'Captivation's of the illustrated mind', but drawings sounds better. <3

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Thanks, Rem. :) I hope you've all had a nice Christmas... or plain nice presents. I return from mine with a couple of character concepts!


A new (l) and old ® version of Erika:




Edit: If you're wondering about the outfit on the left, that's my version of her FCM Ball outfit.


A concept of a young Leuthar:





EDIT: Replaced Young Leuthar's Concept with a tweaked version.

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