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What a Strange and Eventful Year (A Random Reflection)


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It's been 11 months since I first got my FFXIV game and while I began on Goblin server for a few months, I have spent the majority on Balmung. It's my first MMO, my first foray into roleplay and those that know me, know that I have had ups and downs in terms of the game and rp.


I've cried and complained about rp...cost me some close friendships I miss dearly. Left FC's too soon, failed to integrate enough in others. I've experienced the positives of rp and wallowed when those rp opportunities were missed or lost.


In terms of the game, I still am behind, and likely not to catch up. And that used to bother me. "Why can't I have "x" gear, or clear that boss? What's wrong with my gear levels, etc. Those were common and friends can tell you it used to weigh heavily. And I'm watching now as others scramble so hard and so fast to get things cleared while I slowly level a silly conjurer and it makes me smile.


Not in spite, but I smile because I realize I am happy. Happy with where I am and where I have gotten to in the game. I enjoy the storms, and the stars. I enjoy watching silly NPC word balloons pop up, or the insane market board  fluxuations. I love the crazy scramble for umbral rocks or soil in Western Thanalan. And I enjoy taking my time. I'm a tank and and a leatherworker. Eventually I will get the others up. But for now that's what I am. The patch has been out all week and I have yet to touch a new dungeon yet. And I may or may not this weekend. We'll see how I feel.


All in all, the year has taught me to enjoy the game and enjoy my role in it. And because of that, no matter how long it takes me or how behind I seem, I'll still be happy and still enjoy the game.


Much love to everyone on the site and in my server. Just felt like I needed to say that. :)

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