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Red Wings Report (Closed)

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((This is to be an on going thread meant to summarize the activity IC of the FC Red Wings. At times there will be bolded, italicized, and underlined word which will indicate a link to the various forum RPs ran by members of the FC. I will not be able to list everything, I'm only human. ^_^ ))


From: Red Wings Headquarters

To: Immortal Flames Command


Subject: Weekly Report

Access: Restricted


Reporting to the Command of the Immortal Flames,


As of the time since the last report, the Red Wings have continued in three primary investigations as well as several side events. Also there has been a conclusion to "Operation: Time Mage".



The events surrounding the former members of the disbanded unit "Crimson Watch" is on going. As stated in the previous report, the death of Lucus Marton, as ordered by Flame Command, at the hands of interrogators in the Red Wings has flushed out Marcella De Bleu. An unforeseen attack however has caused collateral damage among the friends of the unit. The attack that caused the damage was carried out by De Bleu, and chase was given. Delta Team reported that enemy airship was lost in the mists near Ishgard. A report of the events has been delivered through back channels to the Holy See, advising them of the Imperial presence.


As Delta team moved on the target, the team was ordered to not disclose the Red Wings' Captain's activities in and around Dragonhead. Of two notes, the first is in regards to the classified research underway by Flame Command, Project: Sunset. Information was delivered as ordered to Doctor Gilliam Fortemps, and an examination was carried out on Subject: M. Of the second note, contact was made with Fiona Lake. Preliminary analysis suggests that with her marriage and children, her story of having no connection to her former Viper unit may be true. Two Wingmen have been assigned to maintain a covert watch on Lake.


It can be confirmed that Cronna Nirnna, was found dead in Western Thanalan. The forensic analysis suggests that there was massive tissue damage due to aetheric backlash, most likely from canceling the spell on Subject: M. Cause of death is likely, according to the report, massive tissue damage from an unseen attack. Likely chain of events is that after the aetheric backlash, Nirnna was attacked by an unseen enemy. Time space between the aetheric burning and the fatal attack seems to have been several hours.


A suspected Garlean agent in Thanalan, referring to himself as a Chef, has been and remains detained in the Flame Hall. Recent interrogation has uncovered no useful information. Investigation is on going.


In regards to the request for clarification of the status former Imperial operative, Agent: Nightshade (A.K.A. Cliodhna Eoghan), the following is offered. As ber the Red Wings' charter, it is within the privy of the Commanding Officer to recruit any person, regardless of background, he/she sees fit to. That stated, the forged documents used by Eoghan to gain entry into the Flames, have been ratified as legitimate by High Flame Commander Ryder, Royal Hall of Records, Classified Operations Division. As such Eoghan has been granted the rank of Second Flame Lieutenant, and all records or disputing documentation to the contrary are here by ranked as "Classified". Due to Eoghan's extensive medical and scientific knowledge, she has been placed in the role of Laboratory Chief. Her duty will extend to research as well as collaboration with the unit engineers for Research and Development matters.


Of final note to Command, It has come to my attention that development of "Void Crystals" and the accompanying "Pandora Tech" may begin soon. The attacks recently, as mentioned in this report, seemed to have caused an oversight. While the chaos of the attack unfolded, the safe in the airship end of main engineering was opened and all samples of the tech, aetheric materials, and research was taken. High alert should be given to this break in.



Ser. Eirikir Mynhier, Flame Captain,

The Red Wings.

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