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Idea for a second character (Rogue/Ninja)


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Okay, enough about Miranda for now. I've come up with an idea for a character that shares a lot of similarities with her, yet is different in certain ways.


He will be either a Duskwight or Keeper of the Moon who has become an outcast from Gridania due to both his species and the fact he is an Adventurer, and found the Rogue's guild an ideal "haven" due to his skill with weapons and the fact that he tends heavily towards preferring a looser structural organization in general.


My Miranda character eventually will end up meeting him and although their initial relations may be rocky (see below), she would immediately sympathize with him due to her having much the same experience and sharing his bitterness towards the city-state governments in general.


I haven't played through the storyline yet, but I imagine many of you on here have. I've heard reports from those who have played the storyline that the Rogues guild is frequently at odds with the Yellowjackets, which raises one very important question that I need to take into account:


Are the Rogues enemies with the Arcanists as well? It seems like they would be...If so, Miranda would probably have to be a Conjurer, unless I can come up with a very good background story on why these two became close friends.


Of course this does open up a good avenue for an ironic twist of fate, because if Miranda DID choose to switch classes and become an Arcanist, it would have been because she felt that Gridanians in general had failed to live up to their reputation as a peace-loving people and that they lacked the respect for outsiders that the Arcanists showed her - thus, she no longer would have any desire to be bound to serve Gridania as Conjurers (more or less) are. The customs job would have provided Miranda with an alternative to adventuring because Adventurers in general are not well-liked in Eorzea, which as I've already established, is one of the core reasons these two get along well ultimately.

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I am still on the final level 30 quest for Rogues, but as far as I remember there wasn't mention of arcanists, and for the most part I think the yellowjackets didn't really mind them, it was just one individual that was wanting to shut them down. Although I think assuming there would be more out there that feel the same way would be quite possible. (I guess what I'm trying to say is you could have both sides within the yellowjackets.)


The Rogues were more along the lines of, here's the rules and if anyone breaks them then they are likely to be up against the guild. So obviously that means most criminals out there would break these rules, making the rogues against pirates and the like. It might be likely that they are on good terms with the arcanists. I think it's more that most people assume the rogues are just bad guys.



I probably have the totally wrong idea and played through the entire storyline in a dream state though, and never got the expereince the real storyline :sleepy:

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Rouge's follow the old Limsan code of thievery and piracy and they uphold these rules. When they are violated, the Rouge guild pays the pirates or violators a visit, which often ends violently.


They are kind of like a general urban myth and legend to small time pirate crews and the masses, but large groups and the admiral/Maelstrom/Yellow Jackets know of them.


The piracy code though generally follows three basic principles:


  • Thou shall not steal from thy neighbor. (meaning they cannot steal from fellow limsans)
  • Thou shall only steal from ships and people who are not from Limsa. (Meaning only non-Limsa ship's are up for grab's. Piracy has largely gone away since the Admiral outlawed it since her ascension to admiralty, but she has allowed three of the biggest pirate group to continue piracy against Garlean ships exclusively. Piracy still occurs however but much of it is considered illegal so if the Yellow Jackets dont get the pirates, the rouges will.)
  • Thou shall not steal loot claimed by another fellow pirate.  (meaning that fellow pirates cannot steal from fellow pirates. Violating this rules also incurs the ire of the rouges guild.)

So generally, yes, most would view the rouges guild, especially since its based in a city of pirates, as nothing more than cutthroats with a specialization in thievery.

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