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I'm absolutely terrible at introductions, but it's nice to meet you all! 


I've just returned to the game after a long hiatus with a shiny, new character but I'm relatively new to the forums (I may have been lurking for a while). I've been Roleplaying for a few years, but only recently-ish in an MMO setting, so there's that. 


I tend to gravitate towards the darker, grittier plots with lots of crime and whodunit-s, but I also enjoy your casual tavern RP and whatnot. 


As for my character, V'asha is a rough-spoken Lominsan who really rather likes the sound of her own voice and meting out vigilante-style 'justice' (See: morally questionable mercenary work) and dislikes Seeker tribal life and small children. Aaand, she's based around both Ul'dah and Limsa, though she's not adverse to sojourns to other places should her work call for it.


I tend to develop my characters more through RP events than predestined goals, though obviously I like working towards certain things for the sake of a plot (my character's or others'.) 


OOCly, I'm a super laid back individual who likes aimless chatter and occasionally some casual PvE.  


So! Typing on my phone is a nightmare. I'm open to planning stuff for new plots/joining plots/whatever, so send me a PM if you wanna get up to mischief with V'asha. =)

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Welcome! I've trended to darker plots as well as of late, though I haven't gotten much of RP in due a PvE project with friends in game. I'm hoping to get more into the RP swing of things in another week or so. Maybe our chars will bump into one another!


Thank you, and yeah! Feel free to send me a tell when you get into things if you'd like to storm the brain. :)

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