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The Red Wings..... a letter.

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((We at the RWs are looking to fill some gaps in our roster. We are looking mostly for spies, soldiers, or just combat focused individuals, though outside of that creativity may be all you need. As of late our combatant numbers have dwindled and as our IC identity is the covert operations unit of the Flames, you can see where we need people in order to carry out the RP events we would like to do. So please PM me here if you are interested. Also of note, even though we recruit military and civilians to the FC, these are combat and covert combat spots, so either membership or a willingness for membership with the Flames is required.))


You come home, be it a lovely house, or a shabby inn room. You know the door had been locked..... locked when you left, and locked as you returned, so where did that letter come from? Opened on the table, fine paper, gold leaf, a fresh lit candle near the top giving an eerie glow to it. Who lit a candle?


You approach the letter, carefully looking about to see if the one who left it was still there.




To the reader of this letter,


You have been selected through your reputation, service record, and through observation. Your deeds and actions both selfless and clever have not gone unnoticed. We see potential in you and have need of you. If you are brave enough, and wish to see where this could go, sign this letter on the line below and turn your back on it. We will come to you.


((If you sign it.)) You take a pen in hand, your curiosity peeked. You turn from the letter now as it instructed and as you do a gust of air rushes from behind you. Your training takes over and you turn ready to fight, only to see the letter gone, the candle blown out, and the room empty. Lesser ones would be fearful, but you smile. Your blood pumps with excitement. Something wonderful was about to happen.

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