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Tonberry's Lantern, Issue #1


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In Gridania, outside the adventurer's guild:


"Eorzean Olympics, read all about it!" The lalafell paper boy had a louder voice than one would think based on his appearance. A small news stand was directly behind the boy, stocked full of copies of the first Tonberry's Lantern issue. The lalafell waved his hands frantically at the next passing person and flashed a boyish smile up at them. "Excuse me! Would you like to purchase the first issue of the Tonberry's Lantern? Get up-to-date news on all Eorzean happenings for only 75 gil!"



In Ul'dah, outside the adventurerâs guild:


The seductive miqoâte, wearing scantily clad clothing, continued to flash smiles at each passerby. Her attempt to seduce them into purchasing a copy of the new paper, a clever marketing ad of her own design aimed at the pleasure-seeking Ul'dahns, seemed to meet with constant success. "Come read about the latest Eorzean events for 75 gil. A gal oh so loves a well educated man."



In Limsa Lominsa, outside the adventurer's guild:


"Come getcha some o' the latest news 'n gossip, along wit' a complimentary mug o' ale for a mere 75 gil!" The scruffy looking elezen employee of the Tonberry's Lantern had his own unique marketing scheme aimed at the often drunk patrons of the city. If he could manage to get them drunk enough before they left with their copy of the paper, he could even get away with double charging them and pocketing the money. It was truly the best job he ever had. Where he actually got the "free" booze in the barrels behind him was anyone's guess though.



Tonberry's Lantern, Issue #1 (click the link)

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Hello! I'm so happy to see that the Lantern was published. Me and a few pals almost decided to start something similar ourselves. However, given that the Lantern did come to fruition, where can I find more information on how to get involved?


Thanks in advance!



Just let Castiel know you are interested.

He made a post about it here


Pretty sure you have to be a "journalist" in order to access the news room where all the behind the scenes stuff happens.

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