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[Balmung] Hello from Lyn


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Hello everyone!


I present to you, Lyn Webber, a White Mage in the making. Lyn is a kind soul and a borderline pacifist, only looking to fight when absolutely needed. Like many of his kind, he'd rather solve disputes with words rather than spells or steel. Due to his anti-violence like-nature and raising, he chose the path of a healer, spending his days shadowing his mother, the primary physician in their village in Gridania. Though push came to shove as the Calamity struck, his mother and he took refuge in New Gridinia and waited out the hard times. She took over as his tutor, teaching him in the ways of kindness and hope before allowing him to join the Conjurer's Guild as an initiate.


I plan on playing Lyn as a lost soul, like many in Eorzea post-Calamity. He's looking for a place to call his own and a group of like-souls that'll call him friend and vice versa. Hopefully, that awaits him in the world but no one knows where his path'll take him!


I look forward to RPing with the lot of you and be on the look out for Lyn as he'll be travelling to an Adventurer's Guild near you!

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Hello and welcome to Balmung!  :D


Steel here is hardly what one would call a pacifist, but that just makes for some interesting dichotomy, non? :3  At any rate, it's always good to make friends with healers, so Steel would be torn between annoyance at perceived naivete and respect at the mastery of the healing arts.


Should you see Steel Wolf about, feel free to approach, and enjoy your time here at the RPC!  Lots of really lovely, snuggly folks here. <3

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